Dolvett Quince

Episode 8 was The Biggest Loser's 200th episode - Congrats to everyone involved with the show! 

This week the show was based on the excuse: "I lack self-control." Self-control is powerful and sadly we saw the perfect example of someone losing it.  

The contestants entered a room with a rotating table filled with everyone's favorite food. Alison explained that the player who consumed the most calories could change the teams however they preferred! On top of that, the winner would also remain anonymous so no one would know who made the change. Mark ate two plates of venison (yeah, I know) which totaled 312 calories, Christine had a slice of pizza and six peanut butter cups (pbc) equaling 1,039 calories, Kim consumed two pbc giving her 210 calories, Cassandra ate a slice of pizza and two pbc that totaled 619 calories, and Daphne had 18 pbc for a staggering 1,890 calories. The winner placed Jeremy on my Red Team (RT) and Conda on the Black Team (BT). Afterwards, all the players tried to make sense of the odd,  not strategic decision and all fingers pointed to Daphne.  

It was hard for Conda and Jeremy to adjust to the change in teams and their trainers. Daphne tells Bob that it was in fact her who was responsible for the switch and also revealed that her reasons were strictly personal. She wanted revenge for her brother's previous elimination as she felt it was based on Conda's manipulation and the team not liking him.

The next challenge had the teams putting together a giant puzzle where each piece weighed 200 pounds! The catch was only one player from each team could see all the pieces and had to delegate their teammates on where to place them. Mark from the RT and Chism from the BT (father & son) were those two players. In the end, my RT won!

Kim struggled with missing her youngest daughter's birthday and got pretty emotional which was a rare side to see. I attempted to chat with her about it in hopes that she would feel a little better. Meanwhile, Bob spoke privately with Daphne and tried to help her understand how crucial it was that she communicate honestly with her team by telling them it was her choice to switch Jeremy and his sister Conda. Initially she refused Bob's request but he went on to stress how vital it was to everyone being able to move forward positively and successfully. She finally agreed and apologized to them but it didn't appear to go over well with her teammates. I saw Kim again the next day and gave her my phone to call her little one to say Happy Birthday. I also learned that in addition to adopting her youngest daughter, Kim was adopted herself as am I! It was cool for us to connect on that level because I know exactly how she feels.  

Last Chance Workout (LCW) was centered around mind/body control. The next day I treated my RT to breakfast at Subway by hiking there of course! At the weigh in, my RT produced a total of 43 pounds lost which is 3.39 percent loss in body fat. However, with the exception of Christine, the BT's numbers were all extremely low leading everyone to suspect a sabotage on Daphne. She didn't lose enough weight to gain immunity so her team sent her home. Until next week....IT IS ONES OWN MIND, NOT ONES ENEMY OR FOE, THAT LURES ONE TO HARMFUL WAYS!!