Dolvett Quince

"I'll wait until after the holidays to lose weight?"  News flash: NO YOU WON'T! There is never a wrong time to start getting healthy so begin right now! Take it one day, one goal at a time and I promise you that your life will change for the better.

Week 7 was Valentine-themed and therefore the trainers were asked to pick one player from our teams to send home for the week and the trainers would also follow. The catch, of course, was that only that player's weight would count for their entire team at weigh-in. I chose Conda from my Red Team (RT) and the Black Team's Daphne was picked by Bob. The teams remaining on the ranch would still have to work just as hard because whichever team lost the most at weigh-in would win a 1-pound advantage for their player away at home.

Christine from the BT feared being eliminated and was making herself upset and paranoid instead of taking accountability for her actions. I thought this was the season of no excuses?! Speaking of which, I spoke with Conda's mom and sister in an attempt to understand Conda and her defensive and combative attitude. It was revealed to me that her father struggled with a drug problem that eventually put a strain on her parents' relationship. Her previous behavior began to make sense to me as she has been holding a lot of anger and resentment inside.

Back on campus, the teams created their workouts sans trainer but it lacked much energy and intensity. I put Conda through a cardio outdoor workout using no equipment just to further prove that anyone can exercise anywhere without a case you missed last week's episode!  BL nutritionist Rachel Beller showed some of the contestants fast and simple meal options from "SimplySensible," which are fresh meals by The Biggest Loser.  They contain an impressive 250 calories or less per serving and that's from any "SimplySensible" meal!  I surprised Conda with letters from her teammates and treated her and a few of her close friends to dinner while I babysat her daughter. As you saw, I did a pretty good job but her daughter definitely didn't make it easy for me. Nonetheless I had fun with Brooklyn.

A sand challenge offered the winning team Valentine letters from home as well as another 1-pound advantage for their teammate at home. The United States Postal Service provided their new release of HeartHealth stamps which raise awareness and help to prevent coronary heart disease!  It looked pretty brutal having to dig their way through sand to get under those poles along with carrying a 200-pound dummy but my RT managed to finish first.

Conda opened up about her parents' divorce before our Last Chance Workout (LCW) which was a breakthrough for us and the team. I trained her amongst a varsity girls high school basketball team so she would get the feeling of having a team support system and extra motivation. Daphne from Bob's BT climbed 103 floors of the Willis Tower, the tallest building in Chicago, for her LCW. I thought she did a great job too as she reached the top in under an hour. The RT unfortunately faced elimination room and sent Roy home. He looks like he's doing awesome work back at home and I'm even more proud of him. See you at the finale, Santa! Until next week....NOBODY CAN GO BACK AND START A NEW BEGINNING, BUT ANYONE CAN START TODAY AND MAKE A NEW ENDING!!!!