Dolvett Quince

Week 6 was themed "I can't lose weight on my own."  How many of you have used that excuse?  Well the contestants put that to rest and proved just the opposite! 

The Black Team's (BT) Cassandra had to deal with the elimination of her grandmother and my beloved Red Team's (RT) member, Nancy. Unfortunately, she and the others were interrupted by a disagreement between Adrian and Mark. The tension continued to mount amongst Adrian and his teammates. After a brief discussion, he and Mark didn't seem to resolve anything.

Contestants participated in a dunk tank challenge and we trainers were the sacrificial lamb! They were to hold up a heavy block of about 250 pounds by pulling on a rope. The team that let the block fall would subsequently drop their trainer into the pool. The losing team would lose their trainer for the week except for Last Chance Workout (LCW). Shortly after 40 minutes, I ended up being that trainer! I gave my RT some pointers for their future workouts without me. I was actually able to watch my team as they trained but it was bittersweet.  On one hand, I loved being somewhat a part of their process but on the other I was miserable and frustrated not physically interacting with them. Kim elected herself team leader and did a superb job putting together my RT's circuit training program!

The BT met with Rachel, TBL nutritionist, at a local restaurant. They went through items they previously would have ordered back at home and what their choices would be now. Rachel pointed out some common mistakes and helpful tips. For example, not all salads are low calorie so pay close attention to the ingredients and always get dressings on the side so the portion amount is better controlled. Rachel also suggested pistachios and fresh or dried fruit as a healthy option when craving a snack between meals.

Before my LCW with my RT, I confronted Conda about her perpetual complaining during workouts. I told her how insignificant it was towards reaching her goals and it was becoming a petty and silly distraction for her teammates. I also spoke with Adrian and tried to help him understand the players. At the end of the day, I think neither Conda nor Adrian listen very well and therefore, wasted precious time.

The final weigh in was won by the BT with a total of 56 pounds lost and the RT with a close total of 51 pounds lost. Adrian and Mark were at the forefront of being eliminated but Adrian was ultimately sent home. He's continuing to lose weight and wants to win the much coveted 'At Home' prize. I wish you the best and don't ever stop pushing yourself!  Until next week...YOU CAN STAND TALL WITHOUT STANDING ON SOMEONE AND YOU CAN BE A VICTOR WITHOUT HAVING VICTIMS!! 

-       Dolvett