Dolvett Quince

The start of Week 5 meant the return of the Aqua Team for what could be their inaugural weigh-in. Daphne lost 26 pounds and Adrian 34 pounds for a total of 10 extra pounds above what was required to regain entry on campus. I guess rock, paper, scissors is the rite of passage amongst pairs electing their trainers. Daphne chose the Black Team (BT) and Adrian was added to my Red Team (RT). They each received immunity for that week and were safe from elimination as long as they didn't gain weight (although, their weight loss would still count towards their team totals).

Both teams started off in rocky positions: My RT had some reservations and concerns about their new additions while the BT experienced a bit of tension after Chris barely made it safe from elimination. Both Daphne and Adrian kept up with their peers during their first team workouts.  I think it helped to ease some of the teammates' doubts or skepticism. I had a talk with Adrian and learned of his heartbreaking story. I can't even begin to imagine having a baby daughter brought into the world and then losing her shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, there isn't a manual for dealing with loss in life but we must try not to turn to unhealthy choices -- especially during a time when you're extremely vulnerable and susceptible to bad habits. Adrian used food for healing and comfort but eventually recognized that he was hurting himself and his family. Now that he and his wife are expecting another baby, it was the perfect time for him to face his past and conquer his future.

The teams made a trip to the beach for a medicine ball challenge. The winner would get to choose a player from both sides whose weight would not count towards the weigh-in. My RT fought hard and took the victory! Apparently afterwards they made an attempt to discuss their concerns with little resolve. I decided to have a conversation with my team in an effort to mediate.  Time will only tell if they truly moved on from their silly dispute.

The BT came out of the weigh-in with a total of only 27 pounds lost and it made me wonder what my team would pull. We needed to lose at least 32 pounds to win but that didn't happen and thus my RT headed to elimination round. I know how tough it must have been for them to send Nancy home but I'm pleased to see how well she did on her own. She's doing fantastic so far and I hope to beat-box for her rap at the finale! Until next week...YOU MUST BEGIN TO THINK OF YOURSELF AS BECOMING THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE!!