Dolvett Quince

Week 4 on the ranch started with Buddy leaving to be with his wife as she was due to deliver any day. My Red Team (RT) was told he would return for weigh-in and his weight was still going to count.  

Numerous people say they don't work out because they don't have a gym which is one of the most common excuses used in fitness. So, to prove how poor of an excuse this is the contestants were given a challenge where the losing team would be without a gym for the entire week!  The challenge was an obstacle course they maneuvered through by answering various nutrition questions. The questions included typical diet misconceptions such as, "What food builds the most muscle: chicken or fish?" The answer is fish!  Another good one was, "Which contains the most antioxidants: pinto beans or blackberries?" with the answer being pinto beans! The RT won the challenge and gained access to the gym for the week.

I went to Chicago to help the Aqua Team in their last week before their weigh-in to re-enter campus. I gave them The Biggest Loser Slim Coach and explained how it works. It tracks exertion, movement, and calories burned essentially monitoring daily physical activity.  I of course took them through a workout as well. Apparently back on the ranch, Chris from the Black Team (BT) wanted to quit and leave TBL. She felt scared and vulnerable but after a talk with Bob she decided to face her fears and stay. This is another lesson one must deal with when one makes the choice to change their lives. Transformation is not easy so know that and be prepared for the bumps along the way. Also, don't internalize how you feel. Stop and take a moment to meditate, talk to someone, or journal your thoughts. You'll be able to move on more efficiently then if you shut down and hold your frustrations in.

Workouts began in and outside of the gym. I enjoyed having the facility to myself and everyone was pushing hard while giving good energy with the exception of Conda. She was extremely stubborn and had a lousy attitude.  I had to tell her to leave in an effort to get her mind right and separate her negativity from the rest of the RT. We eventually spoke outside and came to an understanding.  Conda is a great competitor but she just needed some direction and to trust the process.

Buddy returned to the weigh-in after the birth of a healthy baby boy! The BT lost a total of 52 pounds with a 2.72 percent weight loss and the RT lost a total of 58 pounds which was a 3.19 percent weight loss so we won the weigh-in keeping my RT safe from elimination! Chris and Gail each received three votes leaving Emily to break the tie and send Gail home. Gail has gone on to lose more weight despite having tendinitis in her hips. She is finding ways to work around it so kudos to her...No Excuses people!  Until next week... ONLY THOSE WHO RISK GOING TOO FAR CAN POSSIBLY FIND OUT HOW FAR ONE CAN GO!!!!