Dolvett Quince

Week 3 introduced the first temptation and face-off challenge of the season! Contestants entered a room set up as a Chinese buffet and were told to consume as many calories possible for a prize. Face-off week meant that each player competed against another player on the opposing team to lose the most weight (based on body fat percentage.)  The winner of each weigh-in wins one point for their team so the team with the most points wins and subsequently sends the losing team to elimination round. The winner of the temptation challenge, however, gets to decide who faces off against whom and also gained a 2-pound advantage for themselves or for someone else!

My Red Team (RT) stuck together and resisted the temptation thereby forfeiting the double prize. Needless to say I was extremely proud of their judgment and choice.

Joe struggled with being away from his family so much so that he left the ranch. I think his lack of determination and focus was the catalyst for his departure and not necessarily being homesick. I hope he at least took away some vital tools during his short stay on campus and utilizes them back at home. I think it's ironic he left in the midst of temptation/face-off week. Now more than ever he needed to be there but we can't want it for him. No one can't want it for you either. I want everyone who reads this to look within themselves and find out what's holding you back from BEING THE BEST YOU!! Face off against that person, that voice inside your head that tells you it's impossible because you now know that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

As a result of Joe quitting the Black Team (BT) and leaving the show, the Red Team (RT) automatically won his face off point. Next on the agenda was a water relay challenge. My Red Team won and received a video chat from home. Many of the contestants on my team gave their video chat privilege to their former partners on the other team. Since Mark (RT) gave his reward to his son Chism (BT), Buddy (RT) gave his to Mark. Neither I nor anyone else was expecting that...what a selfless and considerate gesture.

Adrian and Daphne, of the Aqua Team eliminated the first week, received a visit from Bob. He put them through a workout in hopes of helping them achieve their slot back on the ranch. Although Joe voluntarily left, the Aqua Team must still earn their reentry by losing a total of 50 pounds together.  

I suggested Conda (RT) and Cassandra (BT) do a rematch challenge exercise during Last Chance Workout since there was dispute over their previous one. Cassandra (BT) won fair and square this time. Last Chance Workout had a great level of energy and intensity. The teams were in competitive mode and I loved every second of it. "Beat the old you and make a new you" is what I said as I pushed them to surpass their limits. During final weigh-in, Cassandra (BT) split her two pound advantage among Megan and Gail. Black Team won weigh-in and after a heavy bearing and unpredictable elimination round, Lauren was chosen to be sent home.  She has since lost over 50 pounds so big congrats and I look forward to seeing her at the finale. Until next week...THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN TELL YOU 'YOU CAN'T' IS YOU. AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN!!!!