Dolvett Quince

Week two was rough but necessary!  Contestants learned the person with the highest percentage of weight loss from the winning team could give immunity to one person on the losing team.  There was definitely excitement about that incentive because players were eager to save their former partners. 

Kim and Kimmy from the Red Team along with Joe and Emily from Black Team volunteered themselves for an unknown task.  Alison revealed a high risk poker challenge involving a 5 lb advantage as the prize.  Kim and Kimmy bet an astounding 3.8 % (94 lbs)!  The other team folded and therefore put all the pressure on my Red Team.  Their teammates weren't too happy with their team leaders' chancy bet and when they told me I was shocked as well.  Kim and you ladies but you should stay away from casinos. Lol. 

Dr. H visited and spoke with brothers Joe and Mike.  We learned that Joe has sleep apnea and they both have pre-diabetes.  Sleep apnea is a serious disorder where a person stops breathing repeatedly throughout their sleep; meaning the brain and body may not get adequate oxygen.  If neglected, sleep apnea can result in a high number of health problems such as high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and heart failure.

Rachel, The Biggest Loser nutritionist, met with both teams and took them on a hands-on shopping tutorial to the grocery market.  She stressed, as I always do, that DIET is more than half the battle!  It was brilliant for her to mention sushi and it's actual caloric amount.  Many people think sushi is low in calories but the show dispelled that assumption by showing a calorie comparison with a turkey sandwich.  A typical 'California' sushi roll (8 pcs) equals 300 calories.  Whereas a sandwich with nitrate free turkey, two whole grain bread slices, lettuce, tomato, and 1 tsp mustard totals only 280 calories.  Another shocker to people:  frozen pizza is about 2,000 calories!  Salad dressing was another commonly problematic area.  Rachel showed only 4 tbsp ranch dressing offers 350 calories so instead to lean towards olive oil based dressings which only have 40-80 calories per tbsp.  I usually just make my own dressing: extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and/or fresh lime juice, pinch of sea salt and fresh ground pepper.  It's simple, delicious and healthy.

An anchor wheel puzzle challenge presented the entire winning team with TBL meal plan for 6 months.  My Red Team lost by one second so I know that was difficult for them but they did a great job and of course got a good workout too!  Rachel visited Adrian and Daphne in Chicago to give them some helpful tips with their diet.  Remember they were eliminated first week but were offered a chance to return to the ranch if they collectively lost 50 lbs.  Rachel even walked them through preparing a healthy breakfast turkey burrito which I think I will try at home soon.

Last Chance Workout (LCW) went well except Mike wasn't quite present.  He seemed distracted and took too many breaks.  His energy did not go unnoticed by his teammates because they unanimously eliminated him after they lost weigh-in.  There was certainly some tension and emotion during their deliberation.  In the end, I could tell his teammates had his best interest at heart and were really trying to open his eyes and encourage him as well.  He actually vowed to quit tobacco by the time he returns for the finale.  Congrats on your weight loss thus far Mike and I wish you continued success brother!  Next week's episode will include video chats from home, temptation challenge, and a shocking twist so don't miss it!  Until then... PEOPLE DO NOT LACK STRENGTH, THEY LACK WILL!!!!