Dolvett Quince

Hello again ladies and gents...I"m back!  I trust everyone enjoyed the holidays and maintained a well balanced diet and fitness regimen?  If not, I hope this first episode of The Biggest Loser (TBL) Season 13 helped to motivate and get you on track!  

This time teams of partners were to compete. Couples, brothers and sisters, parent and child, and even strangers paired up to ultimately become healthy and win the grand prize. Since we all know that excuses are notorious and prevalent in the health and fitness industry this season was labeled "No Excuses." Coincidently this happens to be a phrase I have always used and is also the name of my first workout DVD. I want you to embrace this saying and make it a part of your day-to-day life.  

The teams were challenged to a three-part race to solidify their entrance and stay on campus. The blue team lost and therefore sent home. However, if they lose 50 pounds collectively in a month, they will have another chance to return to the ranch. The remaining partners got to experience their first workout with both trainers, Bob and myself. They trained for two hours with us and were to choose their fitness expert afterwards but before they made their decision a twist was announced by Alison. We all learned that there were, in fact, no partners this season! Every man and woman for themselves. The pairs had to decide which teammate would be with which trainer.  After much deliberation and serious paper, rock, and scissor battles they declared their choice.

Once I met my official Red Team it was time for our Last Chance Workout (LCW). I was frustrated with my team during the first half of LCW because they were stagnate. I give everything I have in me when I train so I expect the same in return.  I was getting nothing! No effort.  It was time to switch gears so I reminded them of why they were here and how the Black Team (their former teammates), were surpassing them. I think it got their attention and jolted them forwards.

During the first weigh-in the Black Team had a lead, but in the end, Kim and Buddy pushed us to the top. Red Team wins a weigh-in and I have a strong belief that it won't be the last!  Black Team faced elimination and Ben surprisingly volunteered himself. There was initial resistance from his team but ultimately they granted his request and sent him home.  Stayed tuned next week for a risky poker challenge and grocery shopping tutorial!  Remember people:  IF YOU'RE NOT MOVING, YOU'RE NOT LOSING!!!!