Jessica Limperet, Dolvett Quince

Week 12 had the final four returning home! It was exciting to see everyone reuniting with all of their family, friends, students, coworkers, etc and I'm sure it must have been a surreal experience for the contestants to be back after their drastic weight loss.

While home, the contestants received a DVD with comments from their trainers, but more importantly, a message from themselves prior to starting at campus. It was quite the reality check for the final four as you could witness their genuine shock, anger, and disappointment. They have come so far that it was difficult for them to remember and watch where they once started. Vinny confronted his past by speaking with his mother about the childhood abuse he experienced from his stepfather. It was very wise and healthy of him to open that dialogue with her. Now he can slowly lift that wall between their relationship and his future goals. 

The trainers made surprise visits to their team and checked in with their progress back at home. Each contestant received a Last Chance Workout (LCW) didn't think we were going to leave that easy did you?!  I noticed that many of the final contestants' loved ones were obese. I hope they get inspired and motivated to change their lives too!  It was great to see Antone interacting and spending time with his family and working out simultaneously. That was a good example of Lifestyle Change! I went to Mesa, Arizona to speak with John. I was a bit surprised to hear how fixated he was on the finale and how he basically neglected life. I understand him wanting to win, but he also needed to grasp the bigger picture. It is extremely vital that he incorporates fitness into his life and not vice versa.

The 11 eliminated players returned to participate in the marathon along with the 4 remaining players. Bonnie had to sit out because of her leg and Dr. Huizenga made a medical decision to pull Vinny and Joe from the race due to pains in their ankles and knees. It was tough to watch Joe take Dr. H's opinion for him to stop. I saw how badly he wanted to finish but we have to listen to our bodies in order to prevent further injuries.  He did a fantastic job and he should be very proud of himself, as I am certainly of him.

The final weigh-in produced some great numbers, but ultimately Becky and Vinny fell below the red line and therefore were eliminated. Since Ramon won first place in the marathon he solidified his spot at the live finale. Notorious rivals John and Antone joined him for the final three finalists competing to be The Biggest Loser. It will definitely be a finale to remember and I cannot wait until next Tuesday!  Until then...HOW YOU DO ANYTHING IS HOW YOU DO EVERYTHING!

- Dolvett