Dolvett Quince

Week 11 marked the final week on campus!  Alison announced the last challenge to the five remaining contestants.  They were to race up a mountain carrying all their total weight loss thus far.  At periodic checkpoints they could remove the weight loss number from previous weigh-ins.  The first person to drop all their weight and cross the finish line would win a one pound advantage during the last weigh in.  After a grueling and close competition between John and Antone, John ultimately completed the race first, once again proving his determination and spirit to win.

Then it was makeover week, something I'd heard about and seen on the show but this was the first time witnessing the incredible transformations and heartwarming reunions with loved ones. I was elated at how far everyone had come and was proud to witness them show off all their hard work, especially John.  He struggled the most with recognizing and embracing his accomplishments.  It seemed as if he did a 180 and finally celebrated his success.  It's perfectly okay to relish in your progress and acknowledge your results just don't lose focus of your goals or get too comfortable!

After enjoying a Cirque du Soleil show with their mates the contestants returned back to the ranch with them.  I had the pleasure of meeting John's wife, Jill, and speaking with her about his journey to weight gain and his new journey away from those bad habits.  I think she will continue to be a solid support system for John and he in turn will motivate her towards a healthier lifestyle that would benefit their entire family.  As you change your mind and body encourage those around you to do the same.  You never know whom you may inspire!

Final weigh in left Sunny and Antone below the yellow line and after two consecutive votes Sunny was eliminated.  She implemented a consistent workout regime back at home and continued to shed weight.  Keep up the great work!  

As my first season on campus concluded, it took my breath away, my journey is a story all to itself, we won't go there as of yet. This show helps people rediscover the person they have lost, and in some ways the person they have always wanted to be. I couldn't be more honored than to be a part of each of their transformations, as they have transformed me.  Well if having a passion to help people is a talent, then I'm lucky to be so talented. See you at the finale, Dolvett