Dolvett Quince

It was Thanksgiving at the ranch for Week 10.  That means we gave tough workouts and the contestants were very thankful for them!  Well...more or less.  As you all know, holidays are notorious for laziness and complacency. People play the "as soon as" game. The rules are really easy: you eat all the unhealthy meals, snacks, beverages, etc that one can consume and tell yourself it's just for the holiday season and you will eat clean and workout hard AS SOON AS the holidays pass. Sound familiar? I hope after watching this episode you will think twice and continue to make better choices during the holidays. Your body doesn't take a break from functioning so why would you?

Contestants started the week out with a contest. One hundred common Thanksgiving dishes were displayed and numbered underneath the plate. They had to eat as many dishes so as to choose their lowest number and win.  Vinny came in first and took the much coveted 3-pound advantage, Becky chose the $25,000 Cybex home gym, and Antone got the remaining prize of $500 per pound lost at weigh-in. It was a great turn out for that temptation challenge. Everyone stayed within reason and didn't gorge like they previously did before the ranch and even during the first couple of weeks for some contestants like John and that infamous donut challenge. If you noticed, many of them mentioned how they could taste the abundance of sugar or how difficult it was to eat some of those recipes. It all goes back to lifestyle change people! Change the way you think, implement those changes, and you've created the habit. The better you habit!

I had a rough time getting through to John during parts of the workout. I tried football drills with him since he's a high school football coach so I wanted him to be back in his element. We definitely are more in-tune and connected as trainer and trainee since our deep, emotionally revealing talk last week, but he's still somewhat detached from reality. He has an austere manner and is extremely tough on himself in an unhealthy way.  He pushes and goes hard but never recognizes his progress. It's as if he anticipates someone criticizing him so he beats them to it.

Anna, Bob, and I decided to cook and treat our teams to a healthy and delicious Thanksgiving dinner. We all told what we were most thankful for and it was good to hear Bob's story about his sister's weight loss struggle. The contestants really relate and pick up on the personal things we share. It reminds them that we are all human beings and trainers are not perfect, super infallible individuals. What are you thankful for and what's it going to take for you to want the best for yourself?

A Jacob's Ladder challenge was introduced and had the contestants running a mile (5,280 feet) up! The first to finish was John and he received a 1-pound advantage but also had to give a 1-pound disadvantage to another player. Sunny finished second and chose 6 months of The Biggest Loser meal planning and gave the same prize to Bonnie. Ramon got the last reward of $2500 and gave the same amount to Vinny. Ultimately, John chose Sunny for the 1-pound disadvantage and started the weigh-in with shock and disappointment.  There was definitely an air of tension that night.  John lost 5 pounds and wasn't happy about it but he finally acknowledged his effort.  I'm not sure if it was contrived or genuine but hopefully the latter.  Ironically, due to John's decision, he moved just above the yellow line since Sunny had one pound counting against her. Ramon also fell short so he joined her for the elimination round. It was another hard deliberation and Ramon was sent home. He's gone on to make fantastic progress and I wish him and Jessica continued success and happiness.  

I challenge you to make at least one healthy dish this Thanksgiving, one that's low calorie, low sodium, low sugars, etc.  Tell your family and friends and get them involved too.  It will be fun and highly beneficial for everyone! You can try each other's dishes and vote for the best. Leave me a comment and tell me about your experience.  Until next week...GIVE THANKS EVERYDAY!!!!

- Dolvett