Dolvett Quince, The Biggest Loser

Week 9 was centered around a pentathlon. The contestants were told they would be competing as individuals and not teams. The 'Yellow Line' (YL) was used for the first time this season, meaning anyone who fell below this mark would be up for elimination. The contestants were to participate in five challenges and the person with the most points at the end of the week would win immunity. The person with the lowest points would gain a one pound disadvantage.

The first event was based on merit and they were to place their competitors in order of the most deserving to win The Biggest Loser. The total votes weren't revealed until the end of the week at weigh-in. The second event had the contestants peg each other out of the game and the last one standing for the win was Sunny. The third event was a quiz on nutrition and Antone won by answering six out of seven questions correct. This portion of the challenge was educational for the viewers as well! How many did you get correct?!  The fourth event was strength and balance. Each contestant had to balance themselves on a floating device while pulling from ropes from one side of the pool to the other. Sunny was the fastest thus winning that challenge. The fifth and final challenge was a one mile speed race which Ramone placed first.

At weigh-in, we learned that Antone came in first in the merit event and had the most points subsequently winning immunity. Bonnie had the least amount of points and received the one pound disadvantage. She and Becky were below the YL and had to face the elimination round. Bonnie felt secure and confidant in herself to continue her journey beyond the ranch and insisted on eliminating herself and saving Becky. Although it was hard to see her leave the ranch and my Red Team, I was highly pleased and proud to see Bonnie's continued progress back at home. She was definitely missed by everyone but she's utilizing all the tools I gave her and your right Brennan...Feel The Burn!!

- Dolvett