Dolvett Quince

I want to start by saying how much I appreciate everyone's great feedback on the show!

As I watch along with America, I too am amazed at the production of such a phenomenal show. They truly display the episodes in a way that feels like you're right there on the ranch with everyone.

Week 4 was no stranger to surprises. Each team got a visit from BL alums that gave them words of encouragement and an extra boost of confidence. Hannah from Season 11 dropped in on the Black Team and instructed them on preparing one of her favorite healthy recipes and it looked delicious. Marci from Season 11 joined the Blue Team for a beach workout. I enjoy working out on the beach as well. You get beautiful scenery and the sand adds resistance, which makes the exercises a bit harder.  Adam from season 10 walked alongside my Red Team in their sand bag task.  Our self-proclaimed leader, Ramon, carried the 50-pound sand bags all the way up the 5-mile trail. I think after Patrick left, Ramon really stepped up and tried to set the pace for his teammates.

I struggled with Courtney a lot that week. Something in her spirit changed and she began to lose faith in herself. I certainly didn't want her to take steps backwards so I decided to treat her to game of basketball since she was an avid sports player most of her life. As she shot some hoops I picked her brain and got to the root of the problem. I helped her realize that the disciplines and challenges in sports also apply to life in general.  Overall, I think she had fun and it was a nice one-on-one break for us both.

It was quite emotional to see the contestants reconnect with their loved ones via letters from home and through video chat for the Black Team. They all seem to have a great support system back home! 

Anna was definitely in her element on the tennis court for her Blue Team's Last Chance Workout (LCW).  The Black Team had their LCW in the pool where Joe overcame his fear of water. My Red Team returned to our bread n' butter in the gym and went hard for their LCW. Ramon shined and maintained his position as a team leader. It paid off because he lost 11 pounds at the weigh-in giving our team a one-pound advantage to be safe from elimination.  

Until next week....BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY!

- Dolvett