Dolvett Quince, Vinny Hickerson, Courtney Rainville

Hey everyone!

We are only in the second episode of The Biggest Loser's 12th season and it is already super intense! The show definitely does an impeccable job of capturing the essence and seriousness of all that goes on at the ranch with the trainers and the contestants. I feel as though I am reliving my experience all over again and it feels pretty incredible!  

I think it was brilliant to have the gym open for just a limited time this week. Although the contestants felt otherwise, it was important for them to get that "real life" dilemma on the ranch. Once they leave the ranch and go back to their lives the will have to find time to workout. It reminds me of the personal training I did at my studio in Atlanta and the struggle I had with some clients and dealing with their schedules. It works the same with the contestants. They HAVE to learn how to make time in their daily lives to workout and eat clean, no matter what....NO EXCUSES! This is what I always told them day in and day out. I wanted them to leave the ranch in not only the best shape possible but with completely changed habits so they could maintain the benefits of all their hard work. I wanted them to continue to be proactive and healthy for the rest of their lives and as you saw for some of the contestants with Dr. Huizenga, it was a matter of life and death. It was definitely a reality check for everyone involved!

The challenges are one of my favorite aspects of the show. This week was the water maze. The maze looked relatively easy at first but that turned out to be difficult for all the teams. Using your own body weight is always a great workout that's why resistance training is highly effective.

The weigh-in was a mixture of emotions but overall I was proud of my team. Next week it's NFL week at the ranch. We have NFL superstars Drew Brees, Eric Dickerson, Tony Gonzalez, Clay Matthews, Shawne Merriman and Tim Tebow. I can't wait to watch along with all of you so continue to stay tuned!