The Biggest Loser

You've probably heard the story "The Power of the Penny"... Take one penny and double it each day for just one month.  At the end of the first week, you'd have a paltry $0.64, but keep going and by the end of the second week you'd have $81.92. Not bad.  At Day 21 or the end of the third week, you'd see a $10,485.76 return. And by the time you hit Day 31, the last calendar day of the month, that day one penny is now worth more than $10.737 million.  So what's the point?

Our Week 9 challenge found the contestants lined up behind the counter of a diner, with plates of fried foods, burgers, pies, cakes and cookies all around us.  This is a scary proposition for me and my fellow contestants.  I promise none of us set out to be obese when we were young, but one bad decision compounded week after week, month after month, got us to the place in our lives we needed the type of intervention The Biggest Loser provides.  To lose the challenge, and be forced to work in the "real world" for the week, fueled some fears in all of us, begging the question, "Will I be successful outside the confines of the ranch?"

A penny is neutral.  It doesn't care, it has no feelings about where and how you use it.  It's not the one junk-food meal, it's the thousands over time that leads to a myriad of problems, or even death.  It's just as easy to eat well.  And if you don't exercise today, will it kill you?  No, of course not... not today anyway.  It's easy to conclude that little decisions made daily seem to bare no outcome on the end result, and that's the lie I believed for far too long.  And that's the point for me... Every Choice Matters.

A penny compounded daily, one more set of lunges, one more mile, one less excuse, one workout when you're already tired from the work day, one pound lost, one day at a time; working for you or against you, is often the subtle difference in the lives of the successful and/or the struggling.  This week at the weigh-in, one pound was the difference of me going home or not.  I certainly didn't regret choosing those extra actions me and the red team took this week.  What you see every week on The Biggest Loser is the effect of simple, positive, and intentionally beneficial choices and actions compounding over time.  What you decide to do (or not do) today matters more than you might even realize.  Choose your way to health, one 'penny' at a time.

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