David Brown

Everyone deserves a second chance - everyone.  Walking back into the house to kick off Week 6, Ruben was waiting on us with his big, warm, signature smile.  The Red Team felt whole again, and knew this was the start of what was going to be a really good week - we hoped anyway!  I don't know if you had been as tired as we were of the Blue Team winning everything in sight, but the Red Team just believed this week's challenge was going to be different.

Dolvett had us working out doing medicine ball slams for weeks, so when we saw the challenge had everything to do with that, we had instant confidence.  Alison told us and the Blue Team we'd have to sit out two people each to match the three remaining players on the White Team, and I turned to my team and said there was no way I was sitting this one out.  Just that morning I had split the seams on two different medicine balls, so I was just feeling like this challenge is mine.

Once the horn sounded, Rachel and Jennifer were each running like crazy to get those medicine balls over the ravine to me in the scoring zone.  I missed the first one over the back of everything, way too much power on that one.  I raced back up the hill to get the next round of medicine balls, and had learned what I needed to round one to find the right distance, the proper timing, and just let it fly.  I think Kevin Durant from my hometown OKC Thunder would be proud of my long distance shooting from that point.  I hit 8 in a row, all 3-pointers, building a pretty good lead for the Red Team.  After missing one that bounced off the left side, I find the bottom of the cage with the last two shots, and the Red Team finally gets to celebrate a challenge win!

Belief became my word of the week in the moment of victory.  Believe in yourself, your ability, your amazing power that lies within.  Belief in my physical abilities was something I had struggled with, convinced I couldn't do a great deal of the things Dolvett asked of me in the beginning.  I'm so thankful Dolvett believed in me, even when I didn't.  And at that moment, the moment that last medicine ball rattled the back of the cage, I had a new and revitalized belief in myself.  I won't ever let that go, because it has made the biggest difference in my training, in my confidence, in my mindset, in my doing immeasurably more than I thought possible, and that's just fun to experience again.

If you struggle with belief in yourself like I did, I encourage you to lose the words "I can't" from your vocabulary altogether.  Trying things that stretch you is imperative to building your body, mind and spirit.  And like me, you will start to pleasantly surprise yourself regularly with new accomplishments, new personal records, and build a new belief that anything is possible.  As Dolvett would tell the Red Team all the time... "Some people wait for it to happen, some people make it happen!"  This is your time to make it happen - Let's go, I believe in You!