David Brown

I remember growing up being in a "sugar-coma" for the entire week after Halloween.  I would literally blow through thousands of calories of chocolate bars, wafer candies and peanut butter cups each and every day until my bag of candy was down to the not-so-choice leftovers.  Be honest now, licorice and those sticks of candy "glue" that you could never get out of your teeth, those are just not worth the time it takes to unwrap them!

The temptations from my youth followed me into my adult life as well.  Instead of dressing up and going door to door, I would just invade my kids' stash year to year.  Let me take this chance to apologize to my daughters... Sorry girls, your dad is a recovering sugar addict, please forgive me.

Week 4 found all the contestants in the "pumpkin patch" facing many of those same edible demons that have hurt us in the past, under the temptation of weigh-in immunity for our entire team!  That is a big carrot to dangle in front of teams trying to do whatever it takes to stay "safe."  One by one, we take our chance at immunity at the expense of our individual calorie goals; 60, 80, even 250 calories at a time.  The Blue Team was the big winner at the temptation challenge, winning not only big dollars, but the coveted team immunity, giving them safety for another week.  With both the Red and White teams having used their trainer saves, we knew immediately that meant somebody was going home at the weigh-in.  Let the pressure ensue.

I took a motorcycle driving course a few years ago.  The instructor taught me to look through the turns and all the way to the exit points.  Although it seemed counter-intuitive for me to look back over my shoulder to the far right or left instead of what was right in front of me, my control over the bike improved immediately.  It turns out that in life as on the road, where you focus is where you will end up.  In the past I've focused so much energy on the feelings I have directly following a binge, that I get depressed and ultimately binge again.  There is a vicious cycle that can set in when you focus on the wrong things.

After I ate all those calories at the challenge trying for immunity, I could have gotten side-tracked again, but my focus was right on through the turn to the exit point.  I knew I had to go burn those extra calories, and sooner rather than later.  Immediately following the challenge and in the middle of the night, I got on that stair-stepper until I had earned back every calorie I gave away vying for immunity.  It was me taking a different approach to a recurring problem in my life, and I definitely loved the new feelings it gave me, and the results that followed on the scale.  Find a better focus, and gain a better future... Now that is a temptation worth taking a chance on!

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