If you want some fun, check out this video on TVGuide.com to see our reaction to getting a second-season pick-up! Dean Devlin told us we all needed to gather to do a group interview for the season finale. I was in London, Christian [Kane] was in Nashville and Tim [Hutton] was in Paris. Just getting all the time zones synched was a feat in itself! It was really sweet of Dean Devlin and Michael Wright of TNT to want to bring us all together for the big announcement and the reactions are priceless. I look a bit stunned. All of us have had a chance to catch up with each other and we can't wait to get started again, so stay tuned!

I'm sure you've all noticed over the course of the season that some episodes have had bigger production values than others. The producers like to spread the budget around so that some episodes have got all the bells and whistles, i.e. car chases, explosions, expensive locations etc. Other episodes, like "Mile High," may look contained because they were shot mostly on one set, but end up being super expensive because of all the green screen and special effects.

"The Juror #6 Job" takes place mainly on our soundstage in Glendale and was a riot to work on. The design department built a courtroom alongside our Leverage office set. We were spending about an eight-day stretch at the studio without going out on location and we were all completely stir crazy. Jonathan Frakes directed the episode. Jonathan's an infamous joker and on this episode he had his former wing man Brent Spiner from Star Trek: The Next Generation to goof around with.

When it came to doing my scenes in the courtroom, I started messing around with Beth [Riesgraf], who'd been working really long hours away from the rest of the gang and was going a bit stir crazy. We decided to play the "Post-It Note Dame." There was a stack of Post-Its on the set and we wrote silly messages and surreptitiously stuck them to crewmembers and actors backs. Christian, Aldis [Hodge] and Tim joined in and we all became quite hysterical. Our director of photography, Dave Connell, is a pretty macho Australian guy who's very concentrated and focused on set. He was so focused that he didn't notice everybody was walking around with a bright pink message on his or her back.  We actors and some crewmembers and Jonathan Frakes kept hugging and kissing him and Dave would just look bewildered and periodically swat us away like flies.  He had no idea that he had a Post-It that said "Smooch me" on his back for a 10-hour stretch!