"The 12 Step Job" was the last episode we shot before the season finale.* We were all feeling a little bit sentimental and nostalgic. We knew that on the finale we were going to be pumped up about working with Dean Devlin and John Rogers again, and celebrating the long journey we'd been on together, so in some ways this episode was the lull before the storm.

We had a great guest star to cheer us all up. Drew Powell is a funny and talented actor who we all really clicked with. In fact, Drew and Beth [Riesgraf] were already pals and it turned out that Drew and I had a weird "six degrees of separation' connection. Years ago, I took off to Australia for several months and traveled around, camping on the coast and road tripping through the bush. Drew's wife lived in Oz at that time and was a really close friend of my then boyfriend. We would always stay with her whenever we stopped off in Melbourne. I love those connections that make this big old world feel like a little village. She came out and had lunch with us on set and it was great to catch up again.

Drew and I were supposed to do a little stunt together in this episode but it got cut. Our stunt coordinators, Charlie and Pat, are incredibly cool about safety and working things through slowly and carefully. Unfortunately, there isn't always enough time to work things out and practice, and on this particular day everything was going slowly and we were running behind. This is when things can get rushed and sloppy so it's better in these circumstances when stunts get cut. Better to be safe than sorry, after all.

We've finally succeeded in getting Beth to bring her camera to work. For those that don't already know it, Beth is an amazing photographer. When she isn't busy filming, she styles and shoots fashion spreads and works with friends on installations and gallery exhibitions. We have all been nagging her to bring her camera into work to take pictures of the cast and crew. There's been some discussion about what to do when the show wraps. Between us, we don't have much free time to organize gifts. It's hard to pin the boys down as they always seem to be throwing a ball around between scenes and set ups, so Beth and I have made an executive decision that we'll try to create some kind of photo album as a crew gift. The boys voted for an In-N-Out Burger Truck or a coffee truck, so we'll probably get that too.

* P.S. Don't worry about the show ending. We film and screen them out of order so you all have four more episodes to go!