Bailey Chase

We're about a month into filming the new season, and man, its been a whirlwind. It was like coming back from summer vacation and reuniting with old friends, swapping stories of travel, hiatus jobs and kids.

Speaking of, I became an uncle. Very exciting stuff, seeing my brother in this beautiful little baby girl's face. Her name is Adalay, and for me it was love at first sight.

Back to Grace. Holly [Hunter] amazes me, she's a total force. The writing has been great, offering some twists and turns for the ensemble will keep you guessing. Butch looks to change his bachelor ways. Maybe.

So check us out on Tuesday, June 16 [at 10 pm/ET]. From the numerous promos I've seen during the NBA playoffs, it's looking like another great summer season on TNT.

Bailey Chase

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: In this clip from the Saving Grace season premiere, Grace and Ham get back at Butch by painting over some handiwork of his own, which touted a Texas Longhorns victory over the Oklahoma Sooners. (Some anti-Texas trash-talking is engaged in along the way.)