First off, to the fans, thank you all so much for tuning in on premiere night. You guys came back, and you came back strong. Everyone at Leverage is so grateful for your support. We're so happy that we are still celebrating.

Now, on to the next ep. Ladies, get ready, because this one's for you. I'll just say this: "Christian + fighting + shirtless." Let your imagination take it from there. Fellas, you're not left out either — there are a lot of bones cracking in this one. Can you say Matt Linland and Ed Herman, aka MMA?! It's a fun one. And Parker and Hardison get more... involved in each others "personal space," sort of. Have fun watching.

In other news, we're cranking out a great ep right now. We're shooting No. 10 with an awesome guest star, Peter Reigert. Can you say Animal House? Time is flying by so fast, but we are having an awesome time.

Well, until next time, stay tuned.

A. Hodge

Watch an exclusive clip of the July 22 episode below: