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"Silver Star," the episode of The Unit [Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET, on CBS] that airs Dec. 12, has Jonas and Molly going home to Jonas' parents. The occasion is Jonas' father finally being awarded the Silver Star for his heroic actions in Korea. While at the family gathering, Jonas' nephew — a soldier recently returned from combat and suffering from post-traumatic-stress disorder — acts cowardly in beating his pregnant wife. Jonas steps in with some rough justice and tough love. In the process, he shares his dad's story, taking us back to the hero who did not receive a hero's welcome, as Jonas' father, a colored man in uniform, travels with his son down south in the US of A, 1952. At the TOC, Mac tries to help a mysterious passenger (Ed O'Neill) on a private jet in restricted airspace, who is trying to land the plane after the pilot dies at the control board.The JumpThis past month, Michael Irby, Robert Patrick and Scott Foley jumped with the U.S. Army parachute team, Tthe Gold... read more

December 10, 2006 Episode: The Ripatti Family

Day 1: Door KnockToday was a very special day for me. I have traveled the country for almost four years meeting amazing people with incredible stories. Today was no different. What was different was that the Ripatti-Pearce family hails from a place I have called home for the last 15 years — Redondo Beach, California. Kristina and her husband, Tim, are both police officers in the LAPD; they share a common love for helping their community and "beating the bad guys at their own game." They also shared a love for the outdoors, surfing, fishing, running and working out. A year and a half ago they welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Jordan, into the world. They were a family with everything going for them and a bright future. But just four short months ago everything changed. While on patrol one night, Kristina and her partner chased a suspect who turned and shot her three times, paralyzing her from the chest down. Meeting these people and seeing everything they have been through ... read more

"New York Fiction, Part II"

Welcome to another Men in Trees blog by your friendly host, Bergl. I've just returned from a promotional shoot for the UK launch of Men in Trees, which is very exciting for me because I'm originally from England (my dad is British and my mom is Irish). Did you know that Jason O'Mara, who plays the charming publisher Stuart Maxson, is Irish? He has the most amazing American accent, which you will be hearing again in subsequent episodes. (Ladies, don't you love how they keep adding even more handsome men to the show? James Tupper can't be expected to shoulder all the burden on his fisherman sweater-clad shoulders, which, yes, do look as good in real life.)Jason O'Mara is from Sandycove, which is right around the corner from the town of Dalkey, where my mother grew up. Now our Irish relatives can watch us on Men in Trees. Up until now, my appearances on UK TV were mostly limited to The Rage: Carrie 2 and an episode of CSI: Miami, and in both of these I kill people — most notably... read more

December 6, 2006: Shopping Break

Hello, Office fans. I don't mean people who like to work in an office. The Office is not on this Thursday. I know. It's a bummer. Guess you can see me in the deleted scenes on NBC.com or you'll just have to Google Kate Flannery. Or not. Google the rest of the cast. Have you watched the webisodes lately? The Office is like oxygen. You get too much, you get too high. Not enough and… you know the rest of the song. You will not see the Dunder Mifflin crew this week, nor the drunken redhead in the corner — a.k.a. me. Let's face it. You have Christmas shopping to do and you had better get a move on before it's too late and you're so stressed out that you find yourself shopping like a mad woman and spend more money than God. Oh, wait. That's me!Use the time wisely. Next week is our Christmas episode and it's going to be an hour. The Office DVDs make great gifts. The NBC.com shop has cool stuff from The Office. But the coolest stuff from The Office is at Cafepress.com. Just put Th... read more

Big Day, Episode 2

After I wrote last week's blog, I planned on never having to write another story about my life. All I had to do, I figured, was just spend the next 10 weeks responding to the comments from this one. It is now seven days later and right now there are three fewer comments on my TVGuide.com blog than there are on my IMDB page arguing that I look like David Boreanaz: "However, David is much more attractive." (Words hurt, Dovercliffs.) Which is to say, zero. So here's blog entry No. 2.For me, as for many young actors, the difference between shooting the first episode and the second episode of ABC's Big Day [Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET] was kind of like the difference between Rocky and Rocky II. If your show gets picked up, you have a lot more money, and you know it's going to be on the air. The world gets a lot brighter. I had a new car. I was engaged. Things were good. But as we got ready to shoot the second episode, I realized I had to do the same thing I did in the first one, and there were s... read more

Eagerly awaiting week no. 2 of My Boys

Hey again — I hope you all enjoyed the first two episodes of My Boys and are waiting with baited breath for another installment. Well, let the hour-by-hour countdown begin because Tuesday is finally here! Thinking about the first of this week's episodes (Episode 102: "Team Chemistry"), I immediately go to this one scene at the bar (go figure) where Kenny (Mike Bunin) and Mike (Jamie Kaler) are having a tiff. Mike is jealous because Kenny is spending more and more time with Bobby (Kyle Howard). They actually improvised a lot of that scene. The dialogue was very funny as it was, but they just kept building on it. They seemed to make it snarkier with each take until they ended it on Bunin's ad-libbed line, "Drink until you like yourself," and Kaler's response, "That's a lot of drinks." Jamie and Mike are great improvisers together. Mike has been a regular performer at the Improv Olympic West for eight years. You can actually catch his show every Saturday night if you are in ... read more

Behind the Scenes on Episode 2

Hi, blog readers! I feel like a professional blog guy, now that I'm plunking down my second blog. Wow, I just used the word "blog" three time in those two sentences. And there! I used it again. The word "blog," that is. There again. Maybe I should move on.This next show is called "The Miracle Worker," but at the office we called it "Jesus Stain," for obvious reasons. I thought I'd point out a few things that happened when we were making this one.In the first scene, Leslie accosts two Girl Scouts for selling their cookies in the store. The blonde girl is the daughter of one of the TBS executives, Lillah McCarthy. I know, I know, you're saying "Unfair!" and you may be right, but after you see her in action I think you'll agree that this kid kicks butt. Both girls were super-sweet and had no idea what to make of me. Lillah and her boss, Michael Wright, are the two TBS execs behind our show and are both ex-actors. I think that has a lot to do with their affinity for our show. Because of... read more

How I Got My Shows... (Part 1)

This week has been crazy. I spent the Thanksgiving weekend back in Oklahoma with the family... my mom was obsessed with picking up people's pumpkins from the street and roasting the seeds. I had to get out of the car in the cold a few times to load more than a handful of strangers' pumpkins. I flew home Monday to LA morning and had to go from the airport to an audition and then immediately to the G4 studios to shoot a live TV show. This has been the schedule for my life lately, so everything went smoothly because I'm used to it.Yesterday on Attack of the Show, we had a very special guest... I was very excited because he's fellow TV Guide blogger John Lehr. We laughed together, reminisced together, and even shed a few tears together... I think we're best friends now. I doubt he'd say the same, but I thought that if I put it out in the universe it might come true... fingers crossed!If you haven't checked out his blog yet, you should, but also watch his new TV show 10 Items or Less. It... read more

Episode 9: The Convict

Hi, it's me, Kate Flannery from The Office [Thursdays at 8:30 pm/ET, on NBC]. This week's episode was a lot of fun to shoot. I must admit, in the past few weeks I was hesitant to mention some of my scenes because they didn't make it on the air. But NBC.com has been showing so many of my deleted scenes that I now feel comfortable bringing them up, as long as you keep in mind that you may have to watch them later on the Web (or on the Season 3 DVD extras). OK? That being said, "The Convict" was written by our show's British creators, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. This is the first time they have written specifically for the American version of the show. Pretty cool. Now, usually when we shoot an episode, the writers are on the set all week when we shoot. Ricky and Stephen were not. They haven't been to the set very often. I love it when they come, but when I've seen Ricky there, it seems to me like he is looking at all of us with a sense of, "I can't believe that this exists bec... read more

Welcome to Thursday Nights, Everyone!

Greetings, virtual community, it's good to be back! I just got back from the movie theater with Justine Bateman, where we saw this slasher movie called Fur. OK, it's not really a slasher movie, it's a movie about photographer Diane Arbus, but the one thing that did get slashed was my part. Between that and the Bears losing, it could've been quite the downward spiral today, but I count it as a step on the way to becoming a real actor. In my book, you're not a real actor until your part hits the cutting-room floor, you get a bad review, and you've been fired. So I am two-thirds of the way there — I just hope the firing doesn't happen on Men in Trees, because I love seeing these people at work every day. And Justine Bateman may or may not be one of those people (whom, as I see at work, no one can resist loving). I can't reveal any more except that she may or may not have one of the greatest lead-ins and entrances on a television show I've ever seen. A literal and metaphorical stor... read more

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