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Week 9

Wow! I was just about to turn in this week's blog, procrastinating as usual and pushing it down to the wire, when I got a call from James Tupper that we are picked up [for the full season]! It was extremely bizarre because I had just finished typing his name moments before. I never thought the words, "I was just blogging about you" would come out of my mouth. Anyway, I promised that you would all know the moment I knew, so here it is. And if that wasn't enough good news, they're moving us to the slot after Grey's Anatomy beginning Nov. 30! Exclamation points are actually warranted here! I know some of you were enjoying having something good to watch on Friday nights, but it looks like you're going to have to go out to dinner instead. So here's this week's blog — and I guess there will be more of them to come! A new episode of Men in Trees premieres tonight [at 9 pm/ET, on ABC], and so the Bergl blog is back. I'm sorry I didn't post a little warning that there wouldn't be a new... read more

Episode 7: Branch Closing

Jenna Fischer thinks that this week's episode of The Office [Thursdays at 8:30 pm/ET, on NBC] is the best yet, and I concur! Yes, I'm Kate Flannery. Thank you. Thank you so much. I play the drunken redhead on the show, who seems to be the favorite of many folks. There is so much I want to share with you, so much I want to tell, but I am contractually obligated to keep my big, fat mouth shut. Now, in case you hadn't noticed, the words "branch" and "closing" are in the title of this week's episode. Kind of gives it away, right? So, let me just say that the downsizing issue of the first two seasons is nothing compared to this.Jenna speaks more freely about it in her MySpace.com blog: "You must catch our show this Thursday night. I've already seen it, and it is the best one we've ever done. I'm not kidding. Michael finds out that the Scranton branch is being shut down. He and Dwight go to New York to try to save the branch. The stuff they do together is the absolute funniest thing ever ... read more

Hello TV Land!!

I'm Olivia Munn and this is my first blog for TV Guide... I'm so excited to reach out to my peers, aka, the entire TV-watching world. In case you don't know me — and there's a good chance of that — I'm an actress and TV host. I have a recurring role on Nickelodeon's nighttime teen network, The N. It's a show called Beyond the Break and it's about amateur surf girls trying to break out... I play Mily Acuna, a local tough chick. And look for me in Rob Schneider's next film, Big Stan, coming out early next year.Along with acting, I also became the face of the cable network G4. It used to be about video games and technology... and even though it's still about that, we've branched out to more general fare. I host three shows for them — The Daily Nut (podcast), Formula D and the main show for the network, Attack of the Show. AOTS is daily and kinda like Regis and Kelly meets TRL meets The Daily Show.So now that you have a sense of what I do for a living, I can start bloggin... read more

November 5, 2006 Episode: The Thibodeau Family

So we just returned from South Dakota. Having never been, I didn't know what to expect.The first thing that I noticed was corn, corn, corn and more corn. As the bus got closer to the farm, I realized that we were in farm country! This family is miles away from their nearest neighbor or hospital — and knowing Siehera's story, how difficult that must be. I knew this little girl had been through so much and that the house was working against this little girl's health. We finally got to meet the whole clan: Nila, Kevin, Siehera and two feisty little boys named Kyle and Kevin, not to mention the family ferret. When I first arrived at the house, the first thing I noticed was that from the outside, it wasn't so bad. But upon further inspection, the house was the root of their problem. This is a young vibrant family and regardless of what they've been through, they have each other. As the design team descended on them, they looked a bit stunned… I guess it's not every day a giant... read more

Mr. Lowe's Second Act

He has lines on his face, mostly around the eyes, but he's still almost comically handsome. More so, given the absence of post-teen heart-throb vapidity. The lines help. They humanize. They seem earned. The mark of a grownup. The battle scars of life. The smile is vivid, and slightly knowing. It is the smile of someone with a lot of experience being in the public eye, someone who knows all the punchlines but still loves the jokes. I am talking about Rob Lowe, who is joining the cast of Brothers &Sisters [Sundays at 10 pm/ET, on ABC] this week, following an arduous and elaborate courting ritual which required forbearance and good intentions from all parties. Everyone — Rob, agents, producers, studio and network execs — wanted to happen. So it did. He's sitting in my office. It's me, [show runner Greg] Berlanti and [executive producer Ken] Olin, telling him about the part. The part, as written by Mr. Berlanti and Mr. Guggenheim, is tailored for Rob like a very good Paul ... read more

How did I get a TV show?

Hi there blog reader. My name is John Lehr and I am the star of a yet-to-be-aired TV show called ‘10 Items or Less’. I just re-read that first sentence and laughed. It is laughable that this show came to be at all and now, after two years of struggling to get it on the air, here we are—days away. This show is a dream job for me: I executive produce, write and…as you already know, act as well. This show really started 20 years ago when I was at Northwestern University outside Chicago where I discovered a thing called improv. “You mean I can say anything I want?” I had grown up in Kansas and the idea that you could get on stage and say whatever hit your brain was a shock. It was love at first sight. After graduating I hooked up with a bunch of Second City grads, formed a group called ‘Random Sample’, and started doing bar gigs all over Chicago. But after a while, doing improv games in bars for $20 a night ran a little thin. Soon I was working ... read more

Episode 6: "Diwali"

Happy belated Halloween. I understand that instead of Halloween office parties, this year there were Office Halloween parties. Get the difference? The word got out that this year there were a lot of Office-inspired Halloween costumes. It's true. Office-inspired Halloween costumes! We have officially arrived. How bizarre. How cool, but how bizarre. Let's hope those women, and in some cases men, who dressed like Meredith look good in a one-size-fits-all denim skirt. There are some fun Office Halloween-party photos up on OfficeTally.com, and I got sent a few photos on MySpace.com/kateflan. Imitation is the highest form of Flannery.... I mean flattery. Thank you. Thanks to all for playing my Office Trivial trivia last week. That was fun. Some of you readers actually admitted that you were stumped! Pretty cool. I generally think of the Office fans as remembering more than I do. (And I'm in the episode!) No, I am not sucking up to the Office fans. I actually find them a little intimidati... read more

The Numbers and Why They Lie

My point of view about working in television will always be that of a playwright — a person who still lives and works in New York, in the theatre, an outsider entering a strange world.I am learning something about fear here in television land. There is no more powerful force at work in how networks decide what shows live and die. In television, fear translates to numbers, either in terms of viewership or bucks. The network execs claim that the marketplace — in other words, the Nielsen ratings — tell the whole story of a show. They may not truly even believe that, but the economics force them to act as though they do. The morning after the show airs, we get our report card, as does every other new show on television. I still don't know what the damn ratings mean — the Monday-morning numbers feel like tea leaves to me, read by psychics and seers and then examined as holy writ and reported dutifully in the press. I'm a playwright, not a psychic.Nevertheless, I am ra... read more

Week 8

Greetings, all! I'm back from the wilderness of Men in Trees [Fridays at 9 pm/ET, on ABC]. Actually, I am back from being trapped in the wilderness, literally! It's as if I was living this week's episode of Men in Trees, "The Buddy System," which also involves a couple of characters getting trapped in the wilderness. It's a real cliff-hanger.Yesterday I went on a hike with Adrian McMorran, who plays Carl on Men in Trees. He's the rather morose drunk who's always at the bar next to Jerome (the hilarious Timothy Webber, whom I also worked with on a Spielberg miniseries called Taken.) Well, it turned out this hike Adrian and I went on was a 10-mile, 1,700-meter climb up to the top of West Lion Mountain. We were a little ambitious, and by the time the sun had set, we were way up on the side of this mountain, in the middle of the forest, where large bears and cougars reside. Even outside of Alaska, bears seem to be a recurrent theme in my life. It took us three hours to find the trail in... read more

October 29, 2006 Episode: The Kibe Family

Smack in the center of farm country is where the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition bus stops this week. Beautiful fields of corn arranged in perfect rows stretch as far as the eye can see. We are in Gladbrook, Iowa, and we are here to join the community to help a local family rebuild their home and farm. The Kibe family: Shawn and Amy, Kody (13), Blake (10) and Christian (6). Theirs is the story of a young family who leave big-city life and move to the country to introduce their children to the wholesome, hardworking and rewarding life of running a farm. These kids have thrived, learning the lessons of hard work and reaping the rewards of working together. The boys' grades began to improve and they began to spend a whole lot of quality time together tending to the livestock and scraping by running a working farm. A few days before Christmas '05, the family was out picking up Mom from her job at a local department store when they received a frantic call from a neighbor: Their house was ... read more

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