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Week 8

Greetings, all! I'm back from the wilderness of Men in Trees [Fridays at 9 pm/ET, on ABC]. Actually, I am back from being trapped in the wilderness, literally! It's as if I was living this week's episode of Men in Trees, "The Buddy System," which also involves a couple of characters getting trapped in the wilderness. It's a real cliff-hanger.Yesterday I went on a hike with Adrian McMorran, who plays Carl on Men in Trees. He's the rather morose drunk who's always at the bar next to Jerome (the hilarious Timothy Webber, whom I also worked with on a Spielberg miniseries called Taken.) Well, it turned out this hike Adrian and I went on was a 10-mile, 1,700-meter climb up to the top of West Lion Mountain. We were a little ambitious, and by the time the sun had set, we were way up on the side of this mountain, in the middle of the forest, where large bears and cougars reside. Even outside of Alaska, bears seem to be a recurrent theme in my life. It took us three hours to find the trail in... read more

October 29, 2006 Episode: The Kibe Family

Smack in the center of farm country is where the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition bus stops this week. Beautiful fields of corn arranged in perfect rows stretch as far as the eye can see. We are in Gladbrook, Iowa, and we are here to join the community to help a local family rebuild their home and farm. The Kibe family: Shawn and Amy, Kody (13), Blake (10) and Christian (6). Theirs is the story of a young family who leave big-city life and move to the country to introduce their children to the wholesome, hardworking and rewarding life of running a farm. These kids have thrived, learning the lessons of hard work and reaping the rewards of working together. The boys' grades began to improve and they began to spend a whole lot of quality time together tending to the livestock and scraping by running a working farm. A few days before Christmas '05, the family was out picking up Mom from her job at a local department store when they received a frantic call from a neighbor: Their house was ... read more

The Office Trivial Trivia Quiz!

Hi, everyone. It's my favorite time of year, folks. It's not just that I need to carry a sweater (can you feel the slight change in the air? Can't you sense it?) but it's also time for the very first rerun of the new season. I love The Office reruns. I get to see what I laughed over. Just because I play Meredith the drunken redhead doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching the reruns! This week is the "Gay Witch Hunt" episode again. Rerunning this episode will make you feel even more up-to-date than you did six weeks ago.Did you know that right now we are shooting two episodes at the same time? That's right. Steve [Carell]'s grueling movie schedule has us doing things a little differently. Usually we shoot one episode in a five-day week, but we had to shoot all of Steve's scenes for two episodes in one week. I'll bet you won't be able to tell which episodes they are.So it's a great time for you, and I get to get a little intimate. Or not. Anyway, it's time for The Office Trivial Trivia.He... read more

On the Set

It is the first day shooting episode 8 – first shot, 11 am – and I am writing from the set.A great mood here at "Brothers & Sisters" in the wake of being picked up for a back nine, or ten or eleven, depending on whom you ask. When the executives told us, I felt like we had a full term in office. Our show, the little candidate, like Clinton after New Hampshire, was elected. Driving home on Monday night, after we heard, I felt like I could finally rest a little, and relax. For a moment. But the news dovetails nicely with the ambition of the episode we're shooting – a more emotional, deeper palate for us – a little advance by "Brothers & Sisters" into deeper waters. Now that we know we are here for a while, we are getting bolder. The network and studio seem thrilled.Rachel Griffiths is shooting a scene with Tyler Posey, who plays Sarah's stepson, Gabriel. A tough scene in which the 14-year-old's sense of being on the outside of the family looking in comes ou... read more

Episode 5: The Initiation

Meredith, from NBC's The Office, here. OK. Last week's "GriefCounseling" [episode] was one of the best! Nobody breaks down andcries like Steve. Am I right? My favorite moment was when he grabbed Phyllis' hand and my hand and started to sway during the bird funeral.I like to ask a lot of questions in my blog to make sure you're paying attention. I want to give you something to comment on. Your comments are very important. All kinds of folks have left me a comment. Drag queens, mothers, cops, social workers, market researchers... even the president of wine company have commented on my blog, so please don't feel intimidated. I accept all of your compliments, I mean comments. (You've been very supportive of lil' old drunken, redheaded Meredith from The Office. Keep up the good work!)This week's new episode is "The Initiation," written by B.J. Novak. Salesman Dwight Schrute teaches Ryan-the-former Temp how to be a salesman for Dunder Mifflin. Aside from the beet farm, I can't give away a... read more

October 15, 2006 Episode: The Blivens

This week I found myself just 30 miles away from the Canadian border in beautiful Minot, N.D. I love small towns and great communities with people who all know one another and will do anything to help a neighbor in need. That was truly the story with this wonderful family, the Blivens. The Blivens are as loving, sharing and close a group as I've ever had the pleasure of meeting: Bill, Michelle, Kristen, Aaron, and Taylor. Aaron was born with a disease called Cerebral Palsy and this family has worked so hard to make Aaron's life as ordinary as any other 14-year-old's. Michelle even managed to start and run a great organization called Dream Catchers. Imagine that. This woman, who has to care for, feed, bathe and raise this remarkable young man, managed to find time to start a program for other children with similar limitations to be able to enjoy our national pastime — baseball! Let me explain Dream Catchers. They are a baseball league specifically for kids with disabilities who... read more

My TV Family: A Snapshot of Where We Stand

Greg Berlanti, our showrunner at Brothers & Sisters [Sundays at 10 pm/ET, on ABC], was supposed to write today's blog. But Greg is terribly busy breaking the ninth episode, which is the second part of a two-parter — the first part, our eighth episode, having just been written by Craig Wright and myself. Both are bold episodes in which the politics and personal lives of the family entwine, as we envisioned they would when we conceived the show. There are flashbacks. That's all I can say right now, except that the flashbacks reveal some of the back-story – and break open the family mythology.There is a sense at Brothers & Sisters of now being able to reachfurther in our ambitions for the show — this unique mixture of comedy and drama playing off each other from beat to beat in the blink of an eye — and a sense of being able to change temperature quickly and suddenly. To tell truths and allow our characters to bare the secrets they usually keep hidden just t... read more

Week 6

I have to begin by giving a major shout out to Marsha Smith, the publicist from ABC who hooked me up with this whole TVGuide.com blog thing. And also to Sara Glasser Havens, [executive producer] Jenny Bicks' assistant, who always catches the typos and makes everything sound better, as well as makes sure everything goes through the proper channels (so you're not exposed to the initial dirty versions I put out.) Basically, I've been procrastinating more and more, turning the blogs in later and later, and these ladies have made sure that they get out there. Props!This week's episode of Men in Trees [Fridays at 9 pm/ET, on ABC], "The Caribou in the Room," made me very happy, because our writer, Tim Davis, put Annie in bed for a good portion of the show. This meant that I could shoot almost all of my scenes in one day, which meant I could go back to L.A. and get in bed with Tyler! So I have very fond memories of this episode. I also remember getting a frantic call one day from Cynthia St... read more

Episode 4: Grief Counseling

I am Meredith from NBC. One of the Merediths from NBC. No. Not The Today Show's Meredith Vieira. I am party-gal Meredith Palmer from The Office [Thursdays at 8:30 pm/ET]. Actually, I'm the actress who plays Meredith. The Meredith, the one who wears the cardigan sweaters and the one-size-fits-all, ill-fitting denim skirts. The other Meredith may get more press than me. But does the other Meredith give you behind-the-scenes dirt on her show, like me? Heck, no. She is still learning everyone's names. I am the nighttime Meredith, the sometimes-topless Meredith. I'm the Meredith who prefers to sleep in. The Meredith who prefers her mornings to be quiet and people not to talk so loud and the lights not to be so bright. There is plenty of room for both of us, I guess. Just two Merediths that pass in the night. This past season of The Office, the employees of Dunder Mifflin have been holding their breath, waiting for a wedding. Talking about a wedding. Not talking about a wedding. The weddi... read more

Season 2, Baseball Hiatus

Tweener's dead, the Governor's dead, and we're off the air for three weeks.... Who's next on the list? It's sad to say goodbye to Tweener, aka Lane Garrison. We'll miss him; he was a great character on and off the set. Goodbye to the fantastic John Heard (Governor Tancredi) as well. Both died well.The plot thickens... and I ain't talkin'.Here are some answers to your questions in the comments:Dom and Went went to Europe this week to do press. Maybe some of you saw them over there.The "fries in the shake" is a Bellick thing. As fat as I am, FFs aren't to blame. I do like chocolate malts though!Pretty actors. Hopefully you weren't referring to me.... More on this later.Season 2 is in production until late February/early March 2007. They're already talking about a third season, but I ain't talkin'.The tattoo hasn't disappeared. It's still very much apart of the plot, although Scofield has to keep it hidden so as not to be recognized.Hopefully Bellick will sing a tune or two, although ... read more

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