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November 2006: Thanksgiving Message

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from all the folks on The Office. You won't see The Office this Thursday on NBC. It's time to see your relatives and friends and give thanks. So... you won't see us. You won't see Michael Scott carving the bird that Dwight killed. Or the beer that Ryan and Kelly brought, or the football game that Kevin watched. Or the pumpkin pie that Phyllis made, or the cookies that Angela frosted.... The nap that Stanley took, or the walk that Pam and Jim took, or the dishes that Creed did. And of course you won't hear the Thanksgiving toast that Meredith made, and made again and again, to everyone's health and no one's health.You won't see that this Thursday. This week will not be "must-see TV." This Thursday will be "must-eat tur-key." The Office will not be on this week. We'll be back with a new episode next week, I promise. But for now, you can enjoy The Office DVDs of Seasons 1 and 2 with the whole family, just as the big football game is over and the trypto... read more

R.I.P., Roy Geary

Roy Geary is dead, gutted and bled out. At least he was happy before he died. A Cleveland what? I'm going to miss Matt DeCaro. We became good friends. I think we made a good team, too. He's a fine actor, very well-respected and renowned in Chicago theater. He's up for a Jeff Award (the Chicago TONY) this year for best actor; I hope he wins it. He was convinced the bigwigs at Fox were killing him off so they could develop a new TV series for Geary and Bellick. No one's been phoning my people about that! Not a bad idea, though! Bellick's still kicking... but for how long? Everything's ramping up and we're getting ready to launch the story into limbo for the holiday hiatus. Rumors are flying about the date we'll return. I've got to tell you, the new scripts are blowing me away, with plot twists and revelations I never expected. Holy moly!Been very busy in the best ways recently.... My family and I went to Chicago and saw Stacy Keach play King Lear in a wonderful production at the Good... read more

The Politics of Bad TV

Okay, so I’m going to take a different tack today with the blog. I’m going to try and share what I think about when I dream of Brothers & Sisters -- how it can reflect the country we live in now and serve as a dramatic discussion of American values. We all heard the news that ex-athlete and killer – see civil court conviction – O.J. Simpson has sold a book called If I Did It. And that Rupert Murdoch’s Regan Books is publishing the thing, which seems to be a kind of stunt-like game of literary and legal peek-a-boo. Not only that, Murdoch’s Fox Network is making it into a TV show. It’s all contemptible, of course. Assumes the worst of audiences and readers. Assumes that the populace is so numb that it requires the frisson of cheap titillation the way heroin addicts need their fix.So, what does this have to do with Brothers & Sisters? A lot, actually, in that it begs an examination of our choices and the kind of moral universe we live in. It p... read more


In the Nov. 21 episode "Report by Exception," Jonas is assigned to go to Latin America to assassinate an oil minister with the support of a "cover wife." He is tempted by the charms of his new partner. Meanwhile, his real wife, Molly, takes a personal interest in Crystal, whose boyfriend Molly has recruited as a driver in Algeria. Crystal voices both of their insecurities when she asks how Molly copes with not knowing "Where he is, what he's doing, if he's OK. And is he even thinking of you? Maybe he's shacking up with some other woman. Or he's laying dead on the side of a desert road. How do you not think about those things?" Molly's reply: "I don't go there." Succinct.The answer is insufficient for the newly initiated Crystal. Molly can't find the words to share what she knows. There is this wall between Unit husband and wife. He can never share what goes on when he's away. Where he's been or with whom or how he spends his days — typical parts of sharing in a typical marriag... read more

November 19, 2006 Episode: The Koepke Family

So this week we found ourselves in northeast Wisconsin in the small town of Dundee (population 61) and we're here this week to meet the Koepke family — Matt Koepke, his wife Chris and their four kids. Your classic American family just doing the best they can, making ends meet. They didn't necessarily have a lot of money, but they had family, they had love, and they had a 130-year-old farmhouse that Matt's great-grandfather actually built. Matt's goal was to take this house and to fix it up and make it a place where his family could live, grow up, be safe, happy and healthy. He was doing just that until about five months ago when Matt was stricken with a very rare form of cancer. The doctors gave him five years to live, but unfortunately, he died four months later. It's insane to think that everything can be going along smoothly and then — bam! — it changes drastically. Matt had a dying wish. He wanted us to come and rebuild this house for his family and restore the... read more

Episode 8: The Merger

Hello, fans of The Office. Meredith here."The Merger" is coming up this Thursday at 8:40 pm/ET on NBC. Last week was nail-biting. Thank god the Scranton branch didn't close. It's pretty wild. Now the Stamford, Connecticut, branch is about to merge. Michael has some very intense techniques for initiating the new people. This was a really fun episode to shoot. The new actors on our show are really fun. We all had a blast. Rashida Jones, Ursula Burton, Wayne Wilderson, Ed Helms, and Mike Bruner as Tony — all hilarious. They double the size and they double the comedy. I sound like a commercial for gum! It was like a party all week shooting this episode. I'll drink to that!I hope you all had a chance to watch the NBC.com producer's cut of "Branch Closing." I had a few really fun scenes in the producer's cut — which is the one for sale on iTunes, FYI! I loved doing the possible love scene with Steve where Meredith asks Michael if he's the guy she made a deal to have sex with o... read more

Plog # 6

Hello Plog Readers,This time I have a question for you.How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?Now, many people, like the commercial, consider it an impossible task to determine this. They’re biters, not lickers.Personally, I always took it as a challenge. You know me: I’m into self-discipline (as long as no whips, etc are involved).However, the ability to wait to get to the chewy, chocolate center is predicated on the belief that there is indeed a chewy, chocolate center at the end of the process.And there is.I’m telling you there is.I know because I just taped some scenes you’ve been waiting for.So, my friends, who are so impatient for that chewy, chocolate center: don’t give up. Enjoy the ride — the sweet candy-coated-outside ride. (FOR CLUES, SEE PHOTOS AT stephennichols.net)Well, what’s been happening on the set lately? Mary Beth is hysterically funny. It’s no surprise that Lucille Ball is her idol. When I arri... read more

Guitar Hero 2 and Movies... Aaah, the Perfect Weekend

I spent the whole weekend in Atlanta playing Guitar Hero 2... and yes, it was awesome! For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a game for Playstation 2. It's basicaly like guitar karaoke. It just came out Wednesday and has a lot more games than the first one and you can do multi-player with one person playing lead, the other bass. I spent the whole weekend opening up levels/songs. I think I've found the new love of my life. When I did break away from my virtual rockstar life, I was watching movies. HBO has been playing one of my favorite movies a lot lately — Prime. It's a fabulous movie, with some really great actors: Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, Bryan Greenberg. If you have time, you should definitely check it out. I also made it to see Babel. That was a really amazing movie. The movie had a lot of layers, but I found that it was mostly about the breakdown of communication between people and cultures. Every actor in the movie was great. And one of my favorite actors,... read more

November 12, 2006 Episode: The Farina Family

This week the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition bus rolls into St. Meinrad, Indiana. Located in the southern tip of Indiana, St. Meinrad is home to one of only two Benedictine Monasteries in the country. I feel like a broken record when I write these each week, but I have to say that once again I've been overwhelmed by the support from the community. Not only did the locals come out in droves to support the Extreme team, but they also came to support something greater than this show, The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.Shawna Farina, mother of three and a survivor, shows just how strong and resilient the human spirit can be. As a child, Shawna watched her mother struggle with beat breast cancer, and now for the past year Shawna's three children (Lacey, Brian, and Summer) have had to watch her go through the same ordeal. Through it all, she has managed to work, raise money and organize the local Relay for Life walks. Now a survivor, Shawna, Steve, Lacey, Brian and Summer, strug... read more

Mad in My Exile

Dateline: Venice, California. Some ruthless bug has totally sidelined me. Symptoms include fever and coughing, paranoia and lassitude. Not wishing to become the Typhoid Mary of Brothers & Sisters, I have banished myself to home, and I am going quietly mad in my exile. What is the evil genius, Dr. [Greg] Berlanti cooking up in my absence? Is Balthazar Getty running naked through the hallways? Is Ron Rifkin trying to seize control of the whole show? Will Touchstone fire me and have my house burned down? Has ABC kidnapped my dog Trip and put him on Dancing with the Stars? All these fears and I've only been out of the office for two days. The idle time has given me room, however, to daydream about where the show is headed, some of the issues we are exploring, and how we're doing it:1: Growing Up In America Now. What is it like? To go from the idyllic and safe American childhoods so many of us had to a vastly more dangerous world. Take Justin [Dave Annable], drug-addled, suffering fr... read more

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