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How I Got My Shows... (Part 1)

This week has been crazy. I spent the Thanksgiving weekend back in Oklahoma with the family... my mom was obsessed with picking up people's pumpkins from the street and roasting the seeds. I had to get out of the car in the cold a few times to load more than a handful of strangers' pumpkins. I flew home Monday to LA morning and had to go from the airport to an audition and then immediately to the G4 studios to shoot a live TV show. This has been the schedule for my life lately, so everything went smoothly because I'm used to it.Yesterday on Attack of the Show, we had a very special guest... I was very excited because he's fellow TV Guide blogger John Lehr. We laughed together, reminisced together, and even shed a few tears together... I think we're best friends now. I doubt he'd say the same, but I thought that if I put it out in the universe it might come true... fingers crossed!If you haven't checked out his blog yet, you should, but also watch his new TV show 10 Items or Less. It... read more

Episode 9: The Convict

Hi, it's me, Kate Flannery from The Office [Thursdays at 8:30 pm/ET, on NBC]. This week's episode was a lot of fun to shoot. I must admit, in the past few weeks I was hesitant to mention some of my scenes because they didn't make it on the air. But NBC.com has been showing so many of my deleted scenes that I now feel comfortable bringing them up, as long as you keep in mind that you may have to watch them later on the Web (or on the Season 3 DVD extras). OK? That being said, "The Convict" was written by our show's British creators, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. This is the first time they have written specifically for the American version of the show. Pretty cool. Now, usually when we shoot an episode, the writers are on the set all week when we shoot. Ricky and Stephen were not. They haven't been to the set very often. I love it when they come, but when I've seen Ricky there, it seems to me like he is looking at all of us with a sense of, "I can't believe that this exists bec... read more

Welcome to Thursday Nights, Everyone!

Greetings, virtual community, it's good to be back! I just got back from the movie theater with Justine Bateman, where we saw this slasher movie called Fur. OK, it's not really a slasher movie, it's a movie about photographer Diane Arbus, but the one thing that did get slashed was my part. Between that and the Bears losing, it could've been quite the downward spiral today, but I count it as a step on the way to becoming a real actor. In my book, you're not a real actor until your part hits the cutting-room floor, you get a bad review, and you've been fired. So I am two-thirds of the way there — I just hope the firing doesn't happen on Men in Trees, because I love seeing these people at work every day. And Justine Bateman may or may not be one of those people (whom, as I see at work, no one can resist loving). I can't reveal any more except that she may or may not have one of the greatest lead-ins and entrances on a television show I've ever seen. A literal and metaphorical stor... read more

Between Takes

In The Unit episode "Bait," which airs Nov. 28, Jonas is bound and thrown into a room with a bag over his head, and his captors are about to draw his last blood. He proves himself to be Houdini, however, by persuading them that he's more valuable to them alive than dead. Houdini, master of illusion and escape — we never know who's the rabbit and who's the fox. Jonas manipulates his captors to have them videotape him with their terms of release. As he reads their demands, he secretly signals to his comrades back home. He pulls more than one rascally rabbit out of his hat in order to escape, only to be captured and returned, bound and tortured. Meanwhile, Washington suits aren't interested in negotiations, so Colonel Ryan has to perform his own sleight of hand — before our Houdini runs out of rabbits.On the home front, Colonel Ryan's wife, Charlotte, who was shot at the end of last season's finale, is now hooked on pain meds. Driving under the influence, she wrecks another w... read more

November 26, 2006, Episode: The Pauni Family

Having never stepped foot in the state of Utah, I was more than amazed by its beauty — rustic and dramatically changing from every point of view. The beauty of this state was matched only by the beauty of the family we were there to surprise: the Pauni family. This family's enthusiasm and spirit was contagious. From the moment Ty yelled, "Good morning, Pauni family!" we were hugged, lifted off our feet and honored by chants and dances from their Tongan culture. I must confess, Tonga was not a place I knew of nor had ever heard of. After spending a week in Utah with the Paunis and with their friends and incredible community, I felt the need to pack my bags and go to Tonga to try to capture some of the magic this incredible family exudes. Janet Pauni was left a widow and a single mom on one tragic day. Without ever questioning, "Why us?" the children and Janet joined hearts and grabbed onto that family bond they possess and began trying to make it. When I met this family, I fell ... read more

An Introduction to Me and My Boys

Hey, readers. Thanks for showing up at my very first My Boys blog! So the first bit of business: Who am I? My name is Jordana Spiro, and I play PJ on TBS' new comedy series My Boys. I don't really know anything about blogging, except that it's apparently the wave of the future, and it's a fun word to say. That being said, I will do my best to make this interesting, and feel free to let me know if there is anything specifically you want to know about. I'm sure some of you ladies will soon develop crushes on several of the boys in my cast and will want to know details about them. Well, I pride myself on my honesty, so I will only charge a small fee for anything they have told me in private. Second bit of business: What is My Boys? And here it goes... My Boys: The Prologue (because it hasn't started airing yet — which it will on Nov. 28 at 10 pm/ET on TBS, shameless time-slot reminder). My Boys is about this girl, PJ, and all of her guy friends. PJ is a sportswriter for the Ch... read more

The Big Premiere

Hello, dedicated TVGuide.com reader, my name is Stephen Rannazzisi. You can see me on ABC's new comedy Big Day. The show premieres Tuesday, Nov. 28, at 9 pm/ET. Each episode covers a different half hour in a single wedding day. It's kind of like 24 without explosions. The show was created by Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa, a married couple who used to write for King of Queens. We have a talented cast: Marla Sokoloff (The Practice) and Josh Cooke (all three episodes of Four Kings!) are Alice and Danny, the bride and groom. Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me) and Kurt Fuller (really, who cares? I've already gotten bored of giving everyone's credits, and to be honest, I'm not sure what else he's done. I think he was in Wayne's World, but he doesn't like to talk about it) play their parents. Miriam Shor (look it up) is Becca, the maid of honor, and the hilariously nervous Stephnie Weir (I really think the Red Sox overpaid for that Japanese pitcher) is Lorna, the wedding coordinator. But enoug... read more

November 2006: Thanksgiving Message

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from all the folks on The Office. You won't see The Office this Thursday on NBC. It's time to see your relatives and friends and give thanks. So... you won't see us. You won't see Michael Scott carving the bird that Dwight killed. Or the beer that Ryan and Kelly brought, or the football game that Kevin watched. Or the pumpkin pie that Phyllis made, or the cookies that Angela frosted.... The nap that Stanley took, or the walk that Pam and Jim took, or the dishes that Creed did. And of course you won't hear the Thanksgiving toast that Meredith made, and made again and again, to everyone's health and no one's health.You won't see that this Thursday. This week will not be "must-see TV." This Thursday will be "must-eat tur-key." The Office will not be on this week. We'll be back with a new episode next week, I promise. But for now, you can enjoy The Office DVDs of Seasons 1 and 2 with the whole family, just as the big football game is over and the trypto... read more

R.I.P., Roy Geary

Roy Geary is dead, gutted and bled out. At least he was happy before he died. A Cleveland what? I'm going to miss Matt DeCaro. We became good friends. I think we made a good team, too. He's a fine actor, very well-respected and renowned in Chicago theater. He's up for a Jeff Award (the Chicago TONY) this year for best actor; I hope he wins it. He was convinced the bigwigs at Fox were killing him off so they could develop a new TV series for Geary and Bellick. No one's been phoning my people about that! Not a bad idea, though! Bellick's still kicking... but for how long? Everything's ramping up and we're getting ready to launch the story into limbo for the holiday hiatus. Rumors are flying about the date we'll return. I've got to tell you, the new scripts are blowing me away, with plot twists and revelations I never expected. Holy moly!Been very busy in the best ways recently.... My family and I went to Chicago and saw Stacy Keach play King Lear in a wonderful production at the Good... read more

The Politics of Bad TV

Okay, so I’m going to take a different tack today with the blog. I’m going to try and share what I think about when I dream of Brothers & Sisters -- how it can reflect the country we live in now and serve as a dramatic discussion of American values. We all heard the news that ex-athlete and killer – see civil court conviction – O.J. Simpson has sold a book called If I Did It. And that Rupert Murdoch’s Regan Books is publishing the thing, which seems to be a kind of stunt-like game of literary and legal peek-a-boo. Not only that, Murdoch’s Fox Network is making it into a TV show. It’s all contemptible, of course. Assumes the worst of audiences and readers. Assumes that the populace is so numb that it requires the frisson of cheap titillation the way heroin addicts need their fix.So, what does this have to do with Brothers & Sisters? A lot, actually, in that it begs an examination of our choices and the kind of moral universe we live in. It p... read more

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