Before we drag out the ashes and sackcloth to start mourning the loss of NBC's ER (the series finale airs Thursday, April 2, at 9 pm/ET), let's remember the good times by celebrating our favorite moments from the groundbreaking medical drama. I'll go first, but I have to warn you: My choice is kind of morbid.

Season 1, Episode 19, "Love's Labor Lost": Colleen Flynn and a pre-West Wing Bradley Whitford guest-star as jovial expectant couple Jodi and Sean O'Brien. Dr. Greene initially diagnoses Jodi with a simple bladder infection, but of course it isn't. Instead, the episode turns into a heartbreaking series of small victories and larger tragedies as Jodi suffers through wave after wave of complications due to pre-eclampsia. After Drs. Greene and Lewis attempt to deliver the baby via C-section, the audience winces as the OB attending finally arrives and asks, "What did you use to cut her open, a chainsaw?" Dr. Ross saves the baby, but Jodi succumbs to massive blood loss. The episode ends with Dr. Greene, alone on the El, crying. I distinctly remember the night's edge-of-your-seat, rollercoaster-like pacing, and it was probably the first time I really liked and admired such a devastatingly sad ending. Lance Gentile, the show's technical advisor, won an Emmy for writing the episode.


OK, your turn.