May you live in interesting times, goes the old saying — and we do. As the decade comes to an end, we'd like your help in choosing the biggest, best, wildest and weirdest moments of the last decade. Tell us in the comments below: What were your Top TV Moments from 2000 to 2009?

You choose the categories. Give us your picks for the decade's biggest scripted surprise. Or most inspiring speech. Don't forget the most welcome hookups — and breakups.

Will Michael Phelps' record-shattering eight gold medals make your Top Moments? What about the 9/11 benefit concert? Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" at the Super Bowl? Richard Hatch nakedly winning the first Survivor?

What was your favorite finale moment? Rachel not moving to Paris on Friends? Big going to Paris on Sex and the City? Everyone dying on Six Feet Under? Battlestar Galactica's return to Earth? Or that baffling cut to black on The Sopranos?

What made you laugh the hardest? Larry David hiring a hooker to use the carpool lane on Curb Your Enthusiasm? Andy Samberg's digital shorts on Saturday Night Live? Tina Fey's killer impression of Sarah Palin? Don't be embarrassed to say what made you cry either.

Share your picks below, and tell us why they made the cut. Then check back for our roundup of the decade's Top TV Moments.