Kandyse McClure, James Morrison

Thank you, friends, for coming.

We are gathered here today to mourn and honor the TV characters who have been taken from us too soon this season. There have been many, and there will be many more as we head toward a boatload of cliff-hanger finales. But we want to hear from you: Which TV characters will you miss the most?

Did Warrick's CSI goodbye leave you grabbing for Kleenex? Were you heartbroken after Dualla's shocking suicide on Battlestar Galactica? How did you react to 24 killing off the beloved Bill Buchanan?

Please share your condolences for your favorite departed character in the guest book comments below. And feel free to come back, as more of your beloved characters get sent to that great HDTV in the sky. Then see if your pick makes our list.

Go now in peace.