Misha Collins

Heya, Supernatural fans! I know you are out there, patiently-ish waiting for the next new episodes to kick off this Thursday. Well, here's a possible time-killer.

I'm talking to Misha Collins this Tuesday afternoon. Since I myself already gave Misha "the treatment" when he first joined the CW series last fall, I thought I'd invite you to get in on the action this time around and throw some questions to "Castiel."

I can only use a few, so take no offense if your submission gets snubbed. Nothing personal.

The rules: One question per user name, and I'm "shutting the doors" on this solicitation Monday at 11:59 pm/ET. Oh, and one last thing: Don't turn this Comments section into anything other than what it is intended to be — a place to suggest questions for Misha about Supernatural.