Rob Lowe, Charlie Sheen

First John Stamos and now Rob Lowe?

According to TMZ, Lowe is atop the list to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men now that the actor has been fired from the sitcom. Men creator Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros. TV have already approached Lowe's camp about joining the show, which they're interested in continuing, the site says. Men was already renewed for a ninth season prior to the Season 8 suspension, and Sheen's antics and subsequent dismissal.

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TMZ did not specify which role Lowe would play on Men, which originally revolved around bad boy bachelor Charlie (Sheen), his uptight brother, Alan, (Jon Cryer) and nephew (Angus T. Jones).

But recruiting Lowe will not be that easy: He's currently a regular on Parks and Recreation.

Lowe is the second person rumored to be a potential replacement, following Stamos. Stamos has already denied the rumor on Twitter. On the other hand, Lowe — who attended high school with Sheen — has been tweeting to his old buddy and employing some of Sheen's newest hashtags, like #winning, #warlock and #tigerblood.

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Lowe's rep had no comment on the report.

Should Lowe replace Sheen? If not Lowe, then who? Stamos? James Spader? Someone else? Share your picks below.