Joss Whedon with Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku

Joss Whedon, the singular mind who in the past has given us Buffy, Angel, "Captain Tightpants" and Dr. Horrible soon will introduce television viewers to another memorable (if "forgetful" character) — Dollhouse's Echo, played by Eliza Dushku. Echo is an "active," a kind of a robot-hooker hybrid whose native personality and memories have been erased, allowing her to be programmed with the specific skills or characteristics that any "engagement" — or client with a robust checkbook — requires.

As the Feb. 13 series premiere of Fox's Dollhouse nears, Whedon will be dropping by HQ to answer not just our questions but many of yours. So take a moment, give it some thought and offer up the one thing you would ask Joss — on any topic — in the comments section below.

On the day Dollhouse debuts, so will our video Q&A with Whedon — and maybe your question will be answered!