John Noble, Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv, Fringe

I'm going to be speaking with some of the powers that be over at Fringe, so I need your burning questions about J.J. Abrams' Fox spookfest. I have a few swimming around in my noggin, but I'd love to ask them yours as well. Here's what I've got so far:

1. The Observer: Is he human? An alien? And has he actually appeared in every episode? Who plays him and what kind of contract with the show does he have?

2. Let's talk about Peter Bishop's paternity? Is he really Walter's son? And who's his mother? Will we ever meet her?

3. Similarly, what's up withOlivia's abusive stepfather?

4. Astrid: Is there more to her than it seems?

5. What/how is John Scott?

6. Why does every case revolve around something Walter once worked on? Isn't that a little like people getting murdered everywhere Jessica Fletcher goes on Murder, She Wrote?

7. Was Nina Sharp telling the truth when she explained how she lost her arm?

Now you! Leave your questions in the space below…