Diana DeGarmo

An Australian woman has been sentenced to 26 months in jail for cyber-stalking former American Idol finalist Diana DeGarmo.

Tanya Maree Quattrocchi, 23, pleaded guilty to four charges of cyber-stalking earlier this month, the Associated Press reports. She admitted to hacking into DeGarmo's MySpace account and intercepting e-mails between the singer and her mother, Brenda, and housemate, model Donielle Morris.

Quattrocchi also sent e-mails to the singer's sister-in-law with fictitious details about DeGarmo's sex life in November 2007. She was arrested in January when she was caught typing an e-mail pretending to be DeGarmo's mother.

"From a victim's perspective, you are a faceless stalker invading every aspect of their lives. There is no door to lock, no alarm to activate," Judge Lisa Hannan said.

Quattrocchi is a two-time offender: She was sentenced to 150 hours of community service after being convicted on similar charges for cyber-stalking DeGarmo, the Season 3 Idol runner-up, in 2007.

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