Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell

Former American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe recently revealed that "love to hate him" Simon Cowell is earning $36 million a year from the show.

It's not breaking news that Cranky-pants Cowell makes a lot of dough, after all, he's been ranked in Forbes. But, a source who works with Paula Abdul said that the seemingly gratuitously high salary (compared to her own) is making costar Paula Abdul see red, reports Scoop on

"Paula knew that Simon was getting paid more, but she never imagined it was this much more," said the source. "This could really put her in a bad way."

That would put us in a bad way too! Wouldn't you be p-o'd if your peer makes quadruple what you make? Wait a minute… (running to check salaries).

The salary discrepancy, plus a brand new (younger and hotter to some) judge, Kara DioGuardi, is making Paula feel straight-up unappreciated.

Do you think Simon is worth $36 mil a year? Is Paula right to feel dissed?