Terri Seymour

A woman pleaded guilty to battery in an attack on Extra correspondent Terri Seymour last month.

Janice Thibodeaux entered the plea in Los Angeles Superior Court Friday morning, according to E! News. As a part of her plea, an additional count of misdemeanor assault was dropped.

Thibodeaux was put on probation for three years and ordered to complete an anger management program and be psychologically evaluated. She is due back in court on July 16 to reveal the results of her evaluation and show proof of enrollment in anger management.

Police arrested Thibodeaux last month, saying she attempted to choke Seymour after the American Idol finale. Seymour, Simon Cowell's ex-girlfriend, has since obtained a restraining order, to which the judges ordered Thibodeaux to adhere.

After her arrest, Thibodeaux told RadarOnline.com that she tried to choke Seymour to send a message to Cowell. "I wasn't cool with Simon Cowell choking Paula Abdul on the show last week and with her crying-out 'help' as he did so," Thibodeaux said.  "Nobody said anything about that, so I wanted to confront him about it because that is not appropriate behavior, is it?

"We started arguing and then I put my hands around her neck and started choking her just like Simon had done with Paula.... I don't regret what I did because of what Simon did to Paula," she said.