Scott MacIntyre

First, Ryan went for the high-five, only to come up with a fistful of awkward.

And as recently as Thursday night, American Idol finalist Scott MacIntyre was oblivious to a group hug taking place on stage.

Such perceived "slights," however, neither rattle nor rankle the 23-year-old from Scottsdale, Ariz., who lives with profound tunnel vision.

"That's happened to me my whole life," MacIntyre says, reflecting specifically on Seacrest's faux pas, "so I'm the last person that would ever be offended by that. People try to wave to me, or high-five me, or give me a fist-bump.... Ryan's an awesome guy and he actually did the right thing — he [then] grabbed my hand and did it again."

MacIntyre in fact initiated his own high-five with the show's host upon his return to the stage this week, erasing any uncomfortability. "I thought everyone would be wondering about it, so I had to return the favor," he says with a laugh.

But can someone who is legally blind effectively vie for the title of American Idol, especially given the occasional demand for choreography? MacIntyre shrugs off the suggestion that his situation puts him at any disadvantage. "It definitely makes it more challenging for me," he allows, "but I'm so up for rising to the occasion, as I have with every other challenge I've faced in my life. I'm just here having a great time singing."

MacIntyre is the first to acknowledge that Idol is "a very camera-oriented show," and as a result his work in group sings has been "hit-and-miss" as he tries to follow the circling SteadyCam. But thanks to assists from people like his brother (who escorted him onto the stage this week) and fellow contestants who proactively steer him toward the action, MacIntyre plans to make a full-on bid to win this thing. And all along the way, he will boast an outstanding attitude.

"As long as I know that I'm not going to fall off the stage, I'm good," he jokes. "I'm really good at keeping an awareness of my space, I've had practice here and there....  They can throw whatever they want at me!"

Just offer a heads-up if a high-five is incoming.