Paula Abdul

If you're hoping Paula Abdul and American Idol execs will kiss and make up before the new season, her manager has some sad news.

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David Sonenberg, Abdul's manager, says the ex-judge isn't even talking with her former Idol bosses again, according to the Los Angeles Times.

There have been "no discussions whatsoever about Idol," Sonenberg said. He added that while he'd "never count anything out," Abdul's priorities are elsewhere, and fans will "soon" know what her post-Idol plans entail.

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Since she left the reality juggernaut, offers have been pouring in for the "Straight Up" singer. Sonenberg says part of her appeal is that she "is the kind of person who is pulling for you."

"You can always tell when someone is really interested in you and not just going through the motions," Sonenberg said. "That's clear with Paula. She's the kind of person who could be your best friend and mentor because she truly cares... When you look at the Idol situation, it was clear she cared about those kids, it was clear she wanted them to feel safe."

Abdul talks about "many wonderful offers"

While Abdul is getting bombarded with offers, she has her sights set on television.

"She loves television. She has a number of exciting ideas, some of which are competitive, some of which are just theme-oriented," Sonenberg said. "I think you're going to be seeing a lot of Paula, sometimes as an executive producer, sometimes as a performer or mentor and sometimes as a creative developer."

What do you hope to see Abdul working on in the future?