Paula Abdul on Late Show with David Letterman

Paula Abdul admits that any appearance of indifference about continuing with American Idol is largely a negotiating tactic, as she and the Fox hit ponder a new deal.

On Thursday's Late Show, David Letterman asked Abdul why she's planning to exit Idol now that her contract is up, calling such a decision a "mistake." Abdul countered, "I never said [I'm leaving]. I just said that I'm not sure."

Summing up her recent comments to the press, she told Dave, "It's called negotiating."

Most recently, Abdul told WAPE Radio, "I've been invited for the duration of however long Idol lasts, but, you know, I'm considering other options."

Letterman related to Abdul his own experience with the tactic, saying that when he attempted the same sort of end-of-contract posturing, "They said, 'Fine, because we've got another guy ready to go.'"

During her Late Show drop-by, Abdul also (and for the millionth time) gave props to new Idol judge Kara DioGuardi.

"She's great," said Paula. Back when they were roommates and both up-and-coming singers, "I was one of the first believers in her."

Letterman then asked Abdul for her take on this year's Idol finale voting, which came under scrutiny when it was revealed that AT&T representatives helped some people in Arkansas "power text" on behalf of favorite son Kris Allen.

Paula literally waved off the non-troversy, deeming it a "snafu" that contributed only a "small margin" of votes.

"He deserves to win," she said of Allen's ultimate victory.

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