Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul denies a Ladies' Home Journal story that said she checked into rehab to escape an addiction to painkillers, but the magazine stands by its story.

The June cover story on Abdul said the American Idol judge came clean about a 12-year struggle with painkillers and checked into La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, Calif., last Thanksgiving to wean herself off them for good. The magazine article attributed lengthy quotes to Abdul: "I could have killed myself.... Withdrawal — it's the worst thing. ... I was freezing cold, then sweating hot, then chattering and in so much pain, it was excruciating. But at my very core, I did not like existing the way I had been."

Abdul said on the Detroit radio show Mojo in the Morning Thursday that she only checked into the resort for a spa vacation.

"It was very stressful for me to hear that and to be quoted saying something I've never said. ... I've never checked into a rehab clinic. I've never been addicted or abused drugs, and I've never been addicted or abused alcohol. I've never even been drunk in my life," she said. "It's a spa. I was there for almost three days having fun doing spa stuff. It's not a clinic. It's not a detox place. It's a luxurious spa. It's like taking a mini vacation. I just wanted to chill out and get massages and maybe a manicure and pedicure."

Asked about the magazine quoting her about suffering cold, chattering teeth, and pain, she told the station, "That actually is true," but didn't elaborate or explain.

One of the radio hosts later asked: "So you sure you ain't never been on those drugs?"

"We're not going to go there," Abdul answered.

Later, when asked if she would pursue legal action against the magazine, Abdul said she would leave the decision up to her handlers.

Ladies' Home Journal has no plans to retract the article. "We stand by our reporting and are happy Paula decided to share her story with us," a spokeswoman told 

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