Kara DioGuardio alongside fellow American Idol judge Randy Jackson

Former American Idol boss Nigel Lythgoe says that while Kara DioGuardi is "very good" in her capacity alongside Simon, Randy and Paula, as a matter of principle he is "not a fourth judge fan."

"What we've seen is that four judges tend to take away time from the program, which was always going to be the problem," he explained during a visit to TVGuide.com.

Lythgoe's comments about Idol's addition of a judge come on the heels of DioGuardi revealing to ET that she only was signed to a one-season deal, yet hopes to stay on.

On Fox's summertime reality smash, So You Think You Can Dance (premiering Season 5 on May 21), executive producer Lythgoe also serves as a judge alongside Mary Murphy and a rotating choreographer. But rarely has that competition ever trotted in a fourth panelist.  

Does Lythgoe think that the addition of DioGuardi, the Judges' Save and the expansion to a Top 36 are all changes worth keeping? "They've tried a lot of different things," he notes. "I think they'll probably ... keep some of them and lose others."

What's your take, Idol fans? Would you like to see Kara stick around as a fourth judge? Vote below.

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