Matt Giraud, American Idol

If you did not expect to see season-long front runner Adam Lambert in American Idol's bottom two this week, know that the singer who ultimately got sent home shares in your astonishment.

"I was definitely surprised that Adam was there with me," Matt Giraud said in a Thursday press conference call. "He didn't really like his performance [of "Feeling Good"], but I thought he was great."

Prior to landing in the bottom two, Adam was asked by host Ryan Seacrest to ally himself with either of two pairs of fellow singers — essentially declaring whether he thought he was safe this week as well as share his opinion on who wasn't.

"It was a cruel twist," said Matt, who (paired with Kris Allen) failed to court Adam's favor. "We kind of played with him backstage [afterward] ... but it felt kind of uncomfortable."

And what would Matt have done had he been put in that sticky sitch? Alluding to how a similar "choice" played out this time a year ago, he said, "I would have pulled an Archuleta, and just sat down!"

Even though he eventually was ordered to Rat Pack his bags, Giraud put the best spin on his performance of "My Funny Valentine," which earned raves by no less than Mr. Cowell. "Going out with Simon calling you 'brilliant' and comparing you to Nat King Cole ... is certainly better than, 'That is the worst you've ever done. Have a good day!'"

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