Lil Rounds

Did the American Idol judges' conflicting advice eventually take its toll on Lil Rounds, who last week was sent home, along with Anoop Desai? "Yeah, it got to the point where I was going back and forth with myself because the judges were going back and forth with me," she shared during her visit to "My confidence got tampered with."

The 24-year-old Tennessean elaborates on that topic and others:

• As oft asked by Simon et al: Who is Lil Rounds?

• What did she say to Allison Iraheta, the lone gal left in the running, as she exited the Idol stage? And how far does she see Alison making it?

• What did she want to sing this week, in keeping with the Rat Pack theme?

• Her big plans to get home and reunite with her kids and a certain pizza-shilling rodent!

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