Adam Lambert

Nearly until the very end, Adam Lambert was the far-and-away front runner to win American Idol. But when the final batch of votes was tallied, it was the comparatively wholesome Kris Allen who instead walked off with the Season 8 crown. 

Does Lambert suspect that ongoing — and yet never confirmed — speculation about his sexual orientation ultimately cost him the lead? "Um, you know ... probably!" the 26-year-old San Diego native said during a Friday press conference call, punctuating his answer with a laugh.

Regardless of how middle America ultimately voted on his Idol fate, Lambert plans to stick with what serves him best and most organically as he moves forward with his music career.

"I never really listen to what people say," he says, addressing any critics out there unsettled by his overt theatricality. Besides, he points out, "When you are doing a recording, things aren't going to translate as over-the-top. If you bought an iTunes version of what I've done on the show, you'll see, 'OK, I get how he sounds ... versus live. It's different.' The live performance just takes it to a different level."

What sort of first CD does Lambert foresee himself debuting with? Is he a cinch to come out with tracks akin to glam rock acts Cinderella and Winger?

"Maybe," he says, "but my thing is that I don't want to do one specific genre. I'm more about fusion — I like adding elements of things into the final mix. If anything, I'm more fond of the '70s glam [rock] feel than the '80s, even though I have that style of vocal. But we'll see what happens."

Whatever he does deliver, he promises that "people are in store for a treat!"

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