American Idol

American Idol has often — though not always — publicly revealed by how much a champion won. To cite a few examples, Kelly Clarkson in Season 1 claimed 58 percent of the vote to best Justin Guarini, Ruben Studdard squeaked past Clay Aiken by a slim 1,250-vote margin, and just last year it was disclosed that David Cook beat David Archuleta by some 12 million ballots.

Details on how exactly the just-wrapped Season 8 shook out, however, remain a mystery. 

Even your new American Idol, Kris Allen, who came from behind to top Adam Lambert, claims to be in the dark about who seized what portion of the "nearly 100 million votes." 

"I haven't heard anything," Allen told on Friday. "Maybe they didn't [disclose the margin of victory] for a reason. I don't know."

Allen told us he suspects the vote "was really close," which would be in keeping with the reader poll which gave him a 52 percent-to-48 percent edge heading into this week's results show.

"I mean c'mon, Adam was a huge front-runner for the whole thing," Allen notes. "There were plenty of people voting for him."

Yet Access Hollywood host Billy Bush on Thursday claimed via Twitter that the "votes were NOT close," citing a "top" source at the reality contest. "Kris blew out Adam Lambert," he tweeted.

Perhaps one element muddying the mix was a Little Rock, Arkansas TV outlet's report that Allen's home state inundated Idol with 38 million votes — or an improbable 13 per resident. That claim has since been retracted.

A Fox spokesperson declined to comment on Kris and Adam's individual tallies.

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