Kris Allen

Seldom has the American Idol finale vote been as dissected as it was this season, when Kris Allen pulled an upset win over Adam Lambert. (See: Did AT&T Rock the Idol Vote? Fox Maintains Results Are "Fair, Accurate and Verified".) But no matter how the pollsters slice it, your new Idol prays that it ultimately came down to what you heard and saw on the stage.

"I certainly hope that it didn't come down to who got the Christian vote, or who got the Gokey vote," Kris says in Part 1 of his video Q&A. "For me and Adam, it was about the music."

And his never-disclosed cut of the 100 million vote pie? Allen is fine with being in the dark, saying, "I don't want to know."

Also in this on-camera sit-down:

• On what hot topic did Kris' wife side with Simon Cowell?
• Between him and Idol roommate Adam, who's the Felix and who was the Oscar?
• Why is Kris' a cappella take on "No Boundaries" superior to his finale performance?
• What sort of album does Kris hope to turn out?
• Lastly, what does Kris want to do "more than anything" upon his return to Arkansas?

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