Kris Allen, Mike Huckabee

Forget Adam Lambert and Jamie Foxx. Kris Allen's first post-American Idol duet is with a former Republican presidential candidate: Mike Huckabee.

Allen, a Conway, Ark., native, teamed with Huckabee, the ex-governor of his home state, for a duet of The Beatles' "Yesterday" on Huckabee's Fox News Channel talk show, scheduled to air Saturday.

Huckabee, who often jams along with his musical guests, backed up the Season 8 champ on bass while Allen, of course, sang and played his trademark acoustic guitar.

Allen's appearance wasn't all about music though.

"Maybe someday I could be the governor of Arkansas, right?" the singer says when asked about his post-Idol tour plans.

"It's a great gig; it really is," Huckabee replies.

Huckabee airs Saturdays at 8 pm/ET.

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