Kelly Clarkson

Sorry, ladies: Kelly Clarkson is not gay and she never will be.

"I get that all the time. People are like, 'Are you secretly a lesbian? Because I'd really love it,'" Clarkson tells "Lesbians tell it to me all the time. I'm like, 'I'm glad it works for you and I wish I liked women like that because oftentimes men are very hard for me, but I happen to like boys."

The original American Idol adds that she "could never be a lesbian."

"I would never want to date [someone like] myself, ever. I'm a crazy person," she says. "I need some kind of stable, quiet man."

She hasn't found him yet, though. Clarkson, who has dated singer Graham Colton and penned the rage-tastic "Never Again" for ex David Hodges, insists she's never been in love at age 26 and does not find that odd at all. "I'm like, 'Well, maybe y'all just fall in love too quickly. Have you ever thought about that?'" she says. "I'd rather have quality than quantity."