Kara DioGuardi

Kara DioGuardi hopes to be an idol — or better yet, an angel — for dogs.

The American Idol judge is the newest face of PETA's Angels for Animals campaign. She posed with her Chihuahua Tikki for a "divine" new ad.

Wearing angel wings, and with golden light emanating from her head, DioGuardi urges you to "Walk your dogs every day. Don't ever crate or chain them."

DioGuardi, who formed a charity that helps homeless and needy animals, says Tikki gave her newfound appreciation for animal welfare. "What I think people can do to help animals is just be sensitive to them — be aware when you see an animal in the street that's wounded or one that looks lost," she tells PETA. "They're really sweet, precious souls, and they need to be treated accordingly."

What do you think of DioGuardi's ad? Does it live up to Mickey Rourke's ballsy spay-and-neuter campaign?

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