Carly Smithson

Chris Daughtry turned down Fuel. Adam Lambert turned down Queen (for now). But Carly Smithson said yes to Evanescence — or to most of them, at least.

The Season 7 American Idol finalist has teamed up with three former members of Evanescence to front a new rock band called The Fallen, the Los Angeles Times reports. The lineup includes Ben Moody, Rocky Gray, John Lecompt — all of whom were in Evanescence — and Marty O'Brian, who was not in the group.

"I'm excited to be able to completely jump out of the box," Smithson told the Times. "The Idol thing, you know, was very PG; it was for a family audience. This isn't a family audience, this band. We are The Fallen, but the boys came from Evanescence, which already is an established act, and they already have a following which isn't PG."

Moody, Gray and Lecompt left Evanescence in 2007 due to creative differences with lead singer Amy Lee, to whom raven-haired Smithson bears a striking resemblance.

"[W]e began looking for our soul mate, which we were scared was going to take a long long time. ... And it was just clear to me that we had found our better half," Moody said of meeting Smithson.

The Fallen will release a free single on its website on Monday.

What do you think? Is this a match-up made in rock heaven?

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