American Idol, Top 12

After a surprising elimination on Thursday night, American Idol's Top 12 competitors were finally announced. The singers shared their reactions to making it this far — and their plans for the rest of the season.

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Didi Benami: "I'm just kind of whimsically going through this and it really feels like I'm living in a dream. I just have to be me. I'm being real and whatever I feel is what I'm going to do."

Crystal Bowersox: "I don't have to prove anything to anyone except to myself: that I can always do better than my personal best and just try to be better each time. I'm just trying to beat myself."

Lacey Brown: "I had a moment with myself, which is really rare right now, and I just tried to make a couple promises to myself. One of those was that you need to sell every week, so I'm going to get down and dirty and just work my butt off and excel and do better and better."

Lee Dewyze: "As far as competition, I'm just going to do me and hopefully that is good enough." 

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Andrew Garcia: "I'm really excited to start flipping songs even more now. I'm going to put some crazy stuff into it. I'm going to start pulling harps, choirs. It's going to be crazy."

Casey James: "I'm just going to continue to be honest and do stuff that I like to do. I think if I try to do something different, then I'm going to get away from who I am. I'm just going to stick with that and hopefully it'll work."

Aaron Kelly: "I'm hoping to make it to country week, that's my style and genre. I can go out with any theme week and turn the song and make it my own."

Michael Lynche: "It's a long time and you've got to fight every week. There's no favorites. We're all here to fight and I'm definitely going to be fighting."

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Siobhan Magnus: "I feel like none of us have done our absolute best yet. We're all so different and have [such] different tastes that it's hard to even compare."

Paige Miles: "I'm just going forward from here and hopefully I can just make more fans who feel that I deserve to be here. This week wasn't a good week for me...I have a lot to still prove to myself."

Katie Stevens: "I was grateful. I was so happy I made it because I want this so bad. It was an awesome feeling to be a step further. They want me to show who I am as an artist, so that's what I'm going to try to evoke in my performance next week."

Tim Urban: "'Wow' is a great way to put it. A rollercoaster. I wasn't on the show, I was on the show, they hated me and then I made it through and now I'm here. Wow, I never thought this was going to happen."

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